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Peredelkino, where Boris' Pasternak lived and died

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Dear friends of Avantart!

Anna MayilianSharakanA new CD ist out, finally, I waited so long for it:

Treasures Of Light - The Spirit Of Armenian Sharakans

I introduced Anna Mayilian at Avantart already, she is a good friend, and in her singing she brings together Beauty and Love. Her wonderful voice and her radiant character help to bring the armenian culture into the world.

Sharakan is old liturgic music, when Anna sings Sharakan, you feel the love of God with all senses.

The CD is released by ccnc, and you will find RealAudio-Files there as well.

And: you can order the CD there!

Read more about this extraordinary artist at Avantart and at!

In Siberia, the Festival Chivaja Woda took place in Novosibirsk and Tchemal, July 17 to 23.
Main topic of the festival was the broad scale of ethnic music and so, musiciens from many former parts of the Soviet Union and abroad gathered: Turkmenistan, Armenia / Aserbaidjan, Ukraina, Tuva, Kirgizistan, Russia and Germany as well.

I participated at the cultural laboratory, a workshop for cultural journalists.

Armenian Musicians at the  OpenAir in NovosibirskFestival in  Tchemal
First there was an OpenAir Concert in Novosibirsk, then for three days, concerts took place on a big mountain meadow near Tchemal in the Altai Mountains.

Read my festival report

a photo-series with impressions from the festival

Read the article by Alexander Khan in the russian magazine "Jeshenedelnij Journal" or admire at least the photos (most of them I made).

I met many friends at this festival: Enver Izmailov, Gendoz Chamzyrin, Sergej Starostin... and last but not least I could celebrate my 50th birthday in this wonderful landscape.

Everybody was charmed by the festival athmosphere: curiosity, joy, friendlyness, fun: "altain woodstoock" was the right association.

We spent two days in Novosibirsk, the capital of Siberia and beside the program of Visual Anthropology I found the time for a short walk to the city.

Museum für Archaelogie und EthnographieThe excursion to the city of scientists, Akademgorodok, was a highlight of my stay. There we were invited into the exhibitions of the Museum of Archeology and Ethnography.

Tattoo From Neolothikum to our time - and by big surprise, I stood at the glass coffins of two mummies: 2500 years old are the mummies of a young woman, the Altai Princess or Ice Princess and a man, both found in the mountains of Altai in very good state of conservation. Both mummies showed tattoos and the objects, which were given to them for the last rest, were impressingly rich.

The museum hosts a very rich collection of Siberia Ethnic People and Shamanistic Life.

I am grateful that I could visit this museum.

And for sure, we went to the scientific bookshop, here I hoped to find missing volumes of a rich collection of "The culture of Siberian People", an edition of 70 volumes, 24 are published now. 12 volumes are on their way to Germany now by mail.

Paternak's Datscha in Peredelkino Near to Moscow, in Peredelkino you can visit the Museum - House of Boris Pasternak, the writer and poet, who lived and died here. The museum pays honor to him and his work.
Vadim Sidurs Grab
At the cemetery in the forest of Peredelkino, we also visited his tomb.

To my surprise and deligth, I also found the tomb of Vadim Sidurs, the sculpturer, whose works are not often show in Russia. One of his monuments is placed in Carskoe Selo, in honor of the jewish victums of World War II.

The Moscow House of Photography presents an impressive workshow of the renowned photographer Dmitry Baltermans, who documentated the second world war and the years after like nobody else.

Long rides by metro, walks in the hot city, traffic jam ... The summer in Moscow offers a lot to see and the speed of modernisation is breathtaking.

Caucassion people are more often controlled by the militia than other drivers, I noticed.

a photo-serie with impressions from Moscow Summer


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