New in April / May 2002

SCHWARZ Reiseskizzen

Sergey Kuryokhin Festival #6 in St. Peterburg Kai Grehn: Schwarz Reiseskizzen

Terterian Festival in Ekaterinburg

Once again: Kazuo Katase

24. April: International Noise Awareness Day

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Dear friends of Avantart!

SCHWARZ ReiseskizzenI want to announce the print of a very interesting small book, it is a little early, as the book will be published in June 2002, but if you are interested, why not note it today?

Kai Grehn: SCHWARZ Reiseskizzen

Kai Grehn is poet, translator, author of radio-art, author of theatre-pieces and director, he is very pensative and attentive and he has a very special way of realising.

He writes radio - features and he is founding member of the german Fond Avet Terterian, and now he wrote this small book. Small, tender paintings, drawings by Carsten Nicolai accompany some of the texts.

This book is in german, for sure.

Der Verurteilte

Gegen Ende reißt sich ein Mensch den Brustkorb auf, zerfetzt Kruste
aus Fleisch, dort, wo er sein Herz vermutet, links, unter bebender
Brustwarze. Sichtbar wird eine Maschine, Maschinensatz. Ein Herz
vielleicht. Vielleicht ein versteinertes Fossil, blutbesudelter Furunkel,
Oder sieht es nur aus wie und ist dennoch etwas anderes? Das gleiche
also, im Grunde?

"Oh, wir ewigen Narren! Hanswurste sind wir, Witzfiguren ohne Ende..."

Sprichts, der Mensch, und beißt peinlich berührt ins grüne, grüne Gras.

Kai Grehn
with illustrations by Carsten Nicolai

Edition Minotaurus in der Galerie Vevais
ISBN: 3-936165-21-1
Order in your bookshop or at


Avet Terterian May 11 to 14, the Festival "In the line of Avet Terterian" will take place in Ekaterinburg, Russia. I am glad, that I will have the chance to take part, because I go to Russia end of april for 3 weeks. I will go to the Kuryokhin-Festival in St. Petersburg , I will visit some cities of the Golden Ring and after that, I will travel to Ekaterinburg.

First of May and orthodox eastern....

Read more about the great composer Avet Terterian and the program of the festival at

The festival SKIF-6 in the line of Sergey Kuryokhin will take place in St. Petersburg, April 26 - 28.

I will go there and listen. Heinz-Erich Gödecke will perform saturday night.

So, let's have good music!

In case you don't know who Sergey Kuryokhin was, look around at Avantart or go to the website of the festival.

Kazuo KataseThere are so many different topics at Avantart, that many of the articles are nearly forgotten inbetween. That's why I start to "re-present" you articles which are still interesting.

Let me present you once more my report on an exhibition of the japanese artist Kazuo Takase. The exhibition was in 1998 and still I have the pictures in my head.

Kazuo Katase, Räume der Gegenwart: Ort-Raum WINTERREISE

Kazuo Katase also presented a very strong installation during the last Dokumenta in Kassel and still now I feel it's strong impression.

Long lasting. Art.

Tag gegen LärmTag gegen Lärm April 24, the International Day of Noise Awareness will take place. I fear that it won't be noticed in all that noise. But I support the idea and my contribution is my website

This website is in german language and collects information on Noise. Noise destroys! More information and links to international webpages at

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