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Avet Terterian,
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Now the portrait of Dror Feiler, the swedish composer and musician, is finished. There was a short portrait of Dror at Avantart already, but now some highly interesting articles on his music are added.

Dror Feiler Read about

I must admit, that I was shocked by the sharpness of his conclusions and that I was delighted to study them: it is very seldom to find a person with strong opinion and openness as well.

It took some time to understand the principle, to study the manual, but now it is established: The AVANTART-WEBRING is open! Just jump on it!

Avantart WebRing
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A WebRing is a new way of navigation in the WWW, it links pages of common interest - if you follow one of the links, be sure that you will some pages, which deal with New Music, festivals, and art. There are 6 members in the ring now, but I am sure, more will join.
If you want to find out more about the idea of WebRings or if you want to submit your page to become member of the ring, you will get all necessary information at the Avantart RingPage.

The armenian composer Avet Terterian (1929 - 1994) Avet Terterianis not very known in the western music world. His music was not played so often fame came too late, in his case. The first CD with his 3rd and 4th Symphony was released in 1997 by a british company, some records of his concerts are hard to find in Russiam although Melodya published some of his work.

I heard his symphonies first in Ekaterinburg, where one of his greatest admireres, Lev Shulman, supported his ideas and his music and organized the first Terterian Festival in 1994. Unfortunately, Avet Terterian died in the night before the opening.

There is a Avet Terterian Foundation in Yerevan, with Irina Tigranova-Terterian as president. I will introduce the foundation and it's work in the next time.
You can contact the foundation at:
Avet Terterian Cultural Foundation
Irina Tigranova-Terterian (President)
Apt.27, #27 Demirchian St. , Yerevan , Armenia
Phone: (374-2) 523779
or by email.

The actual CD:
Avet Terterian: Symphonies No. 3; No. 4.
Armenian Philharmonic Orchestra / Loris Tjeknavorian.
ASV (CD) CDDCA986 (55 minutes: DDD).

The Second International Sergej Kuryokhin Festival, will take place in May, in NYC, organized by Bliss Records. (The Festival-Page is also member of the Avantart-WebRing.)
For the second time, many musicians, who worked with SK or who work in his tradition, gather in New York to honor him and to keep his music alive.

You can read a short note in memoriam Sergey Kuryokhin at Avantart or listen to his music as well.

With the help of a friend, my startpage is relaunched: new colors and a more flexible arrangement. I hope, you like it! P@eng, the webmaster of the Ripfiles (german language only) is a gifted designer and helped me. Thanks!

Happy Easter! While I spent the easter-days at home and try to recover from some Asthma-Attacks, the 30th (-1) Workshop Freie Music '98 takes place in Berlin.

Let me citate from the program-flyer. Patrick Landolt tells about his attitude towards this festival:
9. bis 13. April (Ostern)
Akademie der Künste
Hanseatenweg 10
10557 Berlin-Tiergarten
Start: 21:00
With an old-fashioned resoluteness, seldom seen today, the 'Workshop Freie Musik' keeps inviting personalities who's names have been on the programme over the previous years. This demonstrates respect for the continous, quiet and usually unspectacular work of the musicians. With the regular representation subtle developments can be manifested. And I cannot emphasize enough the fact that it is simply a pleasure and great fun to be able ot listen again and again to the greats of European Improvised Music....

Thursday: Schürch / Butcher / Hirt
Fred van Hove / Solo
William Parker "In Order to Survive"
Friday: Holz für Europa
Konrad Bauer / Solo
Montera & Regef
Schlippenbach Trio
Saturday: Chadbourne & Lovens
Diesner / Gumpert / Oxley
William Parker "In Order to Survive"
Fred van Hove / Solo
Sunday: Montera & Regef
Chadbourne & Lovens
Schürch / Butcher / Hirt
Holz für Europa
Monday: Schlippenbach Trio
Konrad Bauer / Solo
Diesner / Gumpert / Oxley

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