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MIMI 98 The MIMI 98 Festival came to stage and it was a great festival. Every evening, two concerts took place in the Theâtre Antique at Arles, a night-session at the Open Stage followed.
Mark Feuillet I assisted four of the five evenings, and because we had to leave and travel to another festival, I missed the last evening. So my report is not complete at all.

The Open Stage of MIMI has it's own tradition. As tradition is only the illusion of permanence, new media happen there, too. This year, Marc Feuillet, the organizator of the Open Stage, offered WebSpace to the participiants. Those musicians, who gave some information to me, will be presented with their own page.

The MIMI 98 Festival
The Open Stage
portraits of the participants
Asian Equation meets European Improvisation
RealTime-Sampled Overtones

Tadashi Endo + Heinz-Erich Gödecke After phantastic (and hot) days in Southern France, we travelled to the island of Helgoland in the NorthSea. There, a two month festival was announced: ART IS AN ISLAND.

Tadashi Endo, the Butoh-Dancer, opened the festival and danced his Sun-Cycle, accompanied by Heinz- Erich Gödecke. This performance startet at 05:30am and ended at 05:00pm.
A long day, full of strong impressions, and great work by the artists!

There will be a report on this event in the next time, and some impressions of this very special island.

And I am going to write some harsh critique on the festival, especially the organisators and their definition of art must be criticized. One thing I can say already: I have never been at a festival, where the subject of the festival, art, had so bad quality. With their work, the organisators denounce art completely (only some few artpieces had their own quality, by chance???)

I am still trying to find adaequate words for this.

Kazuo Katase: Winterreise

Kazu Katase: Die Winterreise

In the time from May 24 to July 5 1998, the Overbeck-Society in Lübeck presented an installation by the japanese artist Kazuo Katase (born 1947 in Shizuoka).
I published my impressions already in July, but I missed to introduce this artist here. So, enjoy his work, it is really very special!

Lindsay Cooper, the wellknown english bassoon player (Feminist Improvising Group, ArtBears, Oh Moscow u.a.), is very ill. Lindsay CooperFor more than 10 years now she suffers with Multiple Sclerosis. Now the disease got so strong that she needs help. Medical treatment is too expensive and her financial situation is not easy.

That's why her friends founded the The Bassoonist Club and call for help.

The german organisation Frauen machen Musik e.V. also collects money to support Lindsay. I ask you to contribute in return for Lindsay's music.
Spendensammelkonto Frauen machen Musik e.V.
Ökobank Frankfurt
BLZ 500 901 00 <- Attention, this is the right #, there was a mistake!
Konto 214 086
Stichwort: Lindsay Cooper

Lindsay's email for direct contact: Lindsay Cooper.

I will repeat this call for help in the next future some more times.

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