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Summer is here!

What a wonderful summer...
Summertheater Festival in Hamburg, Kampnagel
press reviews of the Terterian-Concert in Dresden
a portrait of Arkady Shilkloper
ThirdVoice still is dangerous

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Dear Friends of Avantart!

summer 99What a wonderful summer this year! We have sun, we have rain, we had a total sun eclipse and I will have one week of summer holidays in the countryside of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.
summer 99This is in the east of Germany, and I hope we can enjoy! I rented an apartment in a baroque castle! And there is a small lake, birds, animals, ... I think I will find enough wonderful views for my camera....

Internationales Sommertheater 99 Just to remember that there will be a wonderful festival in Hamburg:

The International Summertheater-Festival in Hamburg is one most renowned festivals for New Theatre in Germany and Europe. I have seen wonderful performances by slovenian ensembles, from Taiwan and China, but Russia was always Terra Incognita there. Now this years, the ask us (and themselves): "Where is the East?" and they bring some russian theatre - ensembles to Hamburg. For sure I will go there and I am very curious already. I think, they followed the old trail to the theatres of St. Petersburg and Moscow, but they missed Ekaterinburg for example, and so the program will just be like a first glimpse into a new world. That's my impression, there is much more to see... but I am glad that there are some performances at least.

Alexey Aigi, the gifted violin player from Moscow, will come and some friends from the Ekaterinburg Center of Contemporary Art are expected as well, (you will not find them in the official festival program, they take part in the workshop).

Have a look at the program of the festival!

Music from Armenia...

The Dresden Sinfoniker, a conceptual symphonic orchestra, planned two performances of Avet Terterian's Third Symphony, in Dresden and Berlin, July 16 and 17. But unfortunately, the Berlin concert was cancelled.

The concert in Dresden was a great triumph and there were wonderful, enthusiastic reviews....

Have a look at the reviews at!

Arkady Shilkloper

Arkady Shilkloper is one of the interesting musicians from Moscow, and surely he belongs to the best horn players. He is member of the Moscow Art Trio and joins the Moscow Composers' Orchestra from time to time. So it is evident that I introduce him here at Avantart. I also added some audio-files, e.g. tennis d'accacio from the Longarms'-label.
There will be more music of Arkady in the future...

Say No to ThirdVoice Last month I wrote about a new PlugIn: ThirdVoice. This tool allows to pick notes on other websites. I joined an american WebInitiative in their argumentation against that tool.

Now there are three more tools out like ThirdVoice. I hope the more tools are on the market, the smaller the usernumbers will be, if there is no standard, webmasters still have a chance....

Please read here why I think this tool (and the others as well) is so dangerous and please support Say NO to ThirdVoice!

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