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Dear friends of Avantart!

The last month of the year: always a surprise: how fast the time goes by. It is not so long time ago, that I managed to use the right year when writing a date, and now it is nearly gone ...

But: this year lasted longer than years before, sometimes it seemd that time had no speed, I felt caught in a ball which changes it's form, but which doesn't release me. Time stood still and shook our confidence that the ground under our feet is stable. We had confidence in our world, even in the misery of this world.

BamyanSo trying to count the number of casualties is just another try to get the order back, to re-arrange the chaos.
the first casualty, which hit me hardly, was the destruction of the Buddha-Statues of Bamyian, the hybris of lonely men who believe to be above the belief and the beauty of thousands of years. Their god is not my god. They have no god, they cannot accept a god, because they would be very small in his presence and creation.

the second casualty, which stretched time endlessly, was the destruction of the WTC and the Pentagon in the USA.
It was not only horrifying to notice what fanatism and hatred create, it was as well horrifying to me how helpless and blind the reaction were.
To ignore the reasons for the divisionof the world, but to give up the basics of our political culture, to cut the civil rights, to install military tribunals instead of courts, to ignore the political and socio-psychic situation in the islamic and arabic world: this leads to fast judgements and divides the world.

And we europeans follow blindly, those who warn against the unholy blend of fighting the terror, cutting the civil rights and paying old debts in the Hindukush, those people find no ear. Nobody listens, because everything is evident, the evil have names and the judgements come fast.

Pierre Boulez Even a person (Pierre Boulez) who, in a 30 year old polemic, demanded the blasting of all opera houses, is suspect of being an ally of Bin Laden and gets arrested by swiss police nowadays.

Where is all the brain gone? Are they gone mad now?
Hard times once more proof that culture is suspicious.
What is the difference between a radical composer like Pierre Boulez and a terrorist????

The third casualty: no help for the refugees, for the people. Hypocritically, they promised to fight the terrorists and to feed the poor, but: there is no help. The hunger is there, the catastrophe comes closer and closer. But none of the terror-fighting governments really wants to help.

The fourth casualty is a more private casualty: my photo-works in the Vladimirsky-Palace in Carskoe Selo / St. Petersburg were stolen even before the audience could see it. Vandalism, which hurt me very deeply.

The December-Calendar 2001:

Like nearly every year, I installed an advent-calendar. A december- or year-end-calender. It is a calendar for the whole month

You will find snapshots from throughout the years behind the windows, small momentaneous impressions from every-day-life.

5 years Avantart

Nearly unnoticed, a small jubilee took place: is online since november 1996 and so I can proudly state that Avantart is a website-veteran for sure!

The first version of avantart is still online, for documentary reasons!!

I collected and blended a lot of material, information, photos, impressions, sounds, and so this domain is a mirror of my fields of interests.

And like everything in the life, these fields change from time to time.

I notice that I introduce less music in the last time, I a more into poetry and photography nowadays, the armenian culture and the music of the composer Avet Terterian.

I created some small co - domains, of AVANTART:

my first photo-project is online at, I suffer because of the noise everywhere and I fight it at, I write down my thoughts at and I dream of a long tour to Siberia at

These domains are in german language, my native language.

I am sure that I will come back to music, as music will always be an important part of my life. The proof are my new guests at Avantart: The ensemble A.R.S.

Egon Erwin KischEgon Erwin Kisch in Armenia:

As long as I read and as long I am interested in the world, I know Egon Erwin Kisch, the famous german reporter who created new dimensions for political and cultural documenations. He travelled around the world in the thirties of last century and informed about the upcoming future as well as about the present humand and political situation.

Now I found a report on Armenia, he tells about a meeting with the armenian catholicos in 1926. This text is in german language

A.R.S. improvised music

Let me introduce my new guests at Avantart:

A.R.S. are online now. A strong ensemble with unconventional music and lyrics.

And listen!

For a very long time, the RipFiles had a fixed adress at The RipFiles are an important part of the german internet. Paeng documentated theft of copyrights, theft of ideas and other negative phenomena. Now the RipFiles found a new adress beside you will find them at

Again and again I am surprised by the continuity, the many different aspects of this topic and the interesting, some times changing lay-outs.

Should we hope that there will be always enough material for the Ripfiles?
This we can predict without being a soothsayer ;=(

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