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Christmas is coming

Tadashi Endo and the 6th MAMU Festival in Göttingen

Terterian Festival in Ekaterinburg

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Dear Friends of Avantart!

Christmas Time is coming! Christmas Time is coming and there is a german custom to help children waiting for Santa Claus: The Advent Calendar. Every day you open a small door in the calendar and you get a picture, cookies or a piece of chocolate. In virtual times we have virtual advent calendars. They offer you pictures and MIDI Christmas Carols.

So, if you or your children can't wait: enjoy the
Avantart Virtual Advent Calendar!

Tadashi Endo

The 6th MAMU - Festival is announced to happen in Göttingen January 21 to January 24, 1999, organised by Tadashi and Gabriele Endo. You can find the complete program and portraits of the participating artists at Tadashi Endo's new startpage.

The text is mostly german, but I am sure you will get the necessary information: who, where, when.... I will add an english version, if I get one.

December 11, 1994, Avet Terterian, the great armenian composer died in Ekaterinburg, Russia. We think of him in silent and respectful memory, grateful for music.

A festival in honor of Avet Terterian is announced to happen in Ekaterinburg, february 1999. I will go there to and I will report on this festival. Here is the program:

Organ music concert
Alexander Knyazev - organ

February 13, 17.00
Ural Academic Philharmonic Orchestra
conductor - Dmitry Liss
soloist - Alexander Knyazev - cello

February 14, 17.00
Ural Academic Philarmonic Orchestra
conductor - Murad Annamamedov
SYMPHONIES # 5 & # 8

You will find more information on Avet Terterian and this festival as well at

My music page is growing, the list of musicians and ensembles, who I portray here, is enlarging. So I cleared the page, installed a new order. Now you will find the following categories there:

I can announce a portrait of Joerg Solothurnmann, saxophon player and musicologist, for the near future.

And now: A merry Christmas, happy Chanukka and a happy New Year!

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