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Biosintes: a trio from Tuva!
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I know that the remote country of Tuva gains a lot of interest and the Friends of Tuva collect a lot of information. When I worked on the pages with Sainkho Namtchylak's music, I remembered that I brought some books and figurines from my visit to Tuva in 1993.

So I decided to publish the articles on the Shamanistic Music in the Tuvinian Culture and the article on the visit of the Visit of the Dalai Lama in Tuva.

I found more material and so I decided to replace the JazzFestival-Division by my Tuva-Pages.

You can find information on Tuvinian music there as well, as I introduce the CD by the Trio BIOSINTES from Kyzyl.

The reports on the Jazzfestival Beijing moved to the new category 'Traveldiaries China + Russia'.

Tuvinian Stone Carving: Arslan,
the mythological lion

Biosintes: The first take
BIOSINTES: The First Take

There is more music now:

I completed Sainkho's repertoire and I introduce BIOSINTES, a really interesting Trio from Kyzyl.

BIOSINTES present an interesting mixture of ethnic music, new music and free improvisation. Open your ears!


I changed the colors on Avant@rt and I changed the navigation system: Now the navigation-colors follow the browser-safe palette and they are a little friendlier than the colors I used before. I hope, you agree...

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