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Zweiter Blick / Second Glance

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Dear friends of Avantart!

Time runs fast and the quiet days between the years offer the chance to relax, reflex and ponder. I planned a 3-weeks-holiday in winterly Russia, but because of some Visa-Misunderstandings, we got no stamps in our passports. So I stayed at home and planned a lot: to upgrade the computer, to read a big pile of books, and many things more.

At the end it was a quiet time, I read, worked at my webprojects, met some friends and made a short sea-cruise to Sweden. A good time.

AusgesungenAusgesungen means "a finished song" and is the title of one of my works.
I prepared this work for the festival Kukart in Tsarskoe Selo in summer 2001. I combined therein photographs, which I made in Tsarskoe Selo myself, with parts of a poem by Felix Philipp Ingold.

Unfortunately, this work was stolen from the walls.

There is a box available with 6 PhotoWorks after the poem Ausgesungen von Felix Philipp Ingold, translated into russian language by the poet Ilya Kutik.

And now the Web-version in german and russian language is online. Have a look!

FotoZeilenMonostichi is the name for poetry, which consists of only one line. This form is very much in use in russian poetry.

2 years ago, Felix Philipp Ingold published a collection of monostichi by contemporary russian authors, Geballtes Schweigen.

This anthology inspired me to produce the photo-text-installation Photostroki, which means Photo-Lines in english language.

February 2002, the be a box with 22 prints in russian language will be ready.

This work was shown in Moskau from May to June 2001, now the Web-Version in german and russian language is online.

Geballtes Schweigen / Zeitgenössische russische Einzeiler
Zusammengetragen, übersetzt und herausgegeben von Felix Philipp Ingold
Erker Verlag, Gallusstraße 32, CH-9000 St. Gallen
Dezember 1999
ISBN 3-905546-49-3

Let me remember you of my first project, Zweiter Blick / Second Glance, which is presented online at

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