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There are some news these months: we spent a
weekend with russian friends and the closure of the Hafenkrankenhaus (Harbour Hospital) in Hamburg was announced. A very unpleasant situation.

You can read about the new play of the Theater-Academy Interstudio, "Bobo is dead" and last, but not least you will find a portrait of the artistic director of this academy, Yuri Sobolev and a portrait of Oleg Soulimenko, a dancer from Moscow.

My webproject Avant@art is presented this month at Showcase - Active Women on the Web . Maybe I will be elected Weblady of the Month?

A Weekend with Russian Friends:

Thursday, January 30, 1997, a concert with the Arkhangelsk-Workshop-Ensemble (Vjacheslav Guyvoronski, Vladimir Resitzki, Reinhart Hammerschmidt, Stephan Kersting, Vladimir Tarasov and Heinz-Erich Gödecke) took place at the Monsun-Theater in Hamburg. This is the second edition of the concert; the first one took place at the Arkhangelsk Festival in Autumn 96.
Saturday, February 1, 1997, and Sunday, February 2, 1997, Cornelia Georgus and Oleg Soulimenko showed UNDER THE WOOD , together with Heinz-Erich Gödecke, Stephan Kersting and Reinhart Hammerschmidt. This play was first given at the tour to Arkhangelsk. This time, the stage conditions were better.Under the Wood

Hafenkrankenhaus bleibt! The Hafenkrankenhaus Hamburg, a hospital which is absolutely necessary for the population of the city, is to be closed. The shortsighted reasons therefore are typically hamburgian: the Senate of the city wants to sell the ground.
As usual, social responsibility is ignored.

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