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The Church in  Pokrow at the Nerli

Erwin Chargaff died

Festival clean water im Altai

Bitter loss

Spring in Russia

Easter Festival in Moscow

Spring Poetry

Terterian Festival in Ekaterinburg

Photo-Essay: Moscow to the End of the Line

A riddle and its solution

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Dear friends of Avantart!

Erwin Chargaff died with 96 years.

Erwin Chargaff I feel so sad about that. He was a great scientist and he became one of the most important philosophers of science.
He was one of the first who warned about the spinoff-effects of unhindered, unreflected progress.

He never got the Nobel-Price, but he deserved more than that honor.

Now, that he is dead, I am sad because I notice that he was one of the few people who give us hope. Hope, that humanity is not dead, that intelligence is human, not technoid, that reflection is essential.

As a journalist and master of words, Hans Wollschläger, wrote today:

A great old man is dead, one of the last bridges to the age of civilisation broke. I whish I had known him earlier and lost him later.

I am not so fortunate to know him. But his books, essays and works stay. We must keep them . They are important!

I will participate at the festival Clean Water in the Altai Mountains, Siberia, July 17 to July 23. I am invited to participate at the workshop The Independent Laboratory of Cultural Journalism and my lecture will be on the impact of the internet for information, communication and publication.

Obviously, Avantart ist a good example for this lecture.

The main impact of the festival will be the "Festival of Ethnic Music", which will take place in Novosibirsk and in the mountains of the Altai, as well as workshops of photography, art management and video programs.

Very ambitious and absolutely interesting.

And as a benefit: by this, I will be able to celebrate my 50th birthdays in the beautiful landscape of the Altai Mountain Range, together with old friends and new friends....

Have a look at the website of the festival: In case you can't read russian, go to and have the site translated to your language of preference!

Some people don't think too much and the result can be bitter. I lost 24 negative films because the cleaning woman decided to throw away a box, and shortly after that the rubbish bins were emptied....

24 films, and I have no prints because I planned to scan them. This means for me, that most of the motives of my last tour to Russia are lost, only the digital snapshots survived. This also means that I cannot realize my planned, next project, that I must find a new topic and new motives.

Why do these things happen to me?
Why does the cleaning woman decide to throw away a box, which is placed on a writing desk? (June 2002)
Why does the digital camera delete all 256 MB photos on the compact flash card? (April 2002)
Why do vandals steal photos from the wall in the exhibition room? (June 2001)

I must be more careful and attentive. I must not expect awareness from others. And I must look for new topics and motives and I must try not to be too sad about the loss.

So have a look at one of those pictures which survived....

I was very surprised by the Sergej-Kuryokhin-Memorial-Festival in St. Petersburg End of April:

from evening to early morning the concerts took place. Some started at 6:00 a.m.! From all over the world, musicians gathered to meet and to celebrate the memory of Sergej Kuryokhin.

Orgarnisation was chaotic, there were two stages but it was very difficult to understand which musician or band will play where and when, the gigs were scheduled differently any moment. But that was no problem at all, hundreds of young people from St. Petersburg waited for the music, wandered around, met friends, used their mobiles to find their friends in the hass. A very relaxed athmosphere with interesting, more or less surprising music: Palinckx from Holland, Eugene Chadbourne, Peter Brötzmann, Heinz-Erich Gödecke, just to name a few of the foreign musicians. Beside the musicians from Russia, and those from Canada, Finnland, Germany, Holland and other remote places.
I had the pleasure to meet a very old friend: Han Buhrs, formerly RemoTobs, now with Palinckx from Amsterdam. After more than 18 years, we met again.

In Moscow, in Cultural Center DOM, the capital-version if this festival took place, more organised, concentrated. Both festivals have their own charme.

Easter Festival in MoscowI spent some days in Carskoe Selo and travelled to Moscow. I was invited to the Opening Concert of the Valery Geergiev Moscow Easter Festival, under the patronat of the Patriarch of Russia and the Mayor of Moscow. By this, I had the chance to attend the world premiere of a concert by Vladimir Martynov.

After the concert,at the fourchette, old friends met: Ludmilla and Nick Dmitriev, Alexej Bataschow, Heinz-Erich Gödecke.

A wonderful spring! And I travelled just into the Russian Fairy Tale:

Orthodox Easter, 1st of Mai, Victory Day and many russians took a short holiday, adding the working days inbetween.
The cities were empty, the people went to Datscha or gathered in the parks, in pubs ....
Follow me to the Russian Spring:
heroic, poetic, spiritiual and in german language...

Spring in Carskoe Selo

at the pond

a hero of our time


Avet Terterian The Festival "In the Line of Avet Terterian" took place in Ekaterinburg, Russia, in May. I planned to attend, but then we decided to return to Germany earlier, because of different reasons. Irina Tigranowa, the widow of Avet Terterian, could not come from Erivan, as the sponsors decided not to continue to support her travel expenses. Very pitty

You will find more informations and news on the great composer Avet Terterian at

Moscow - Petushki

a Photo-Essay.

This new work combines parts from the Monologue "Moscow to the End of the Line" with impressions of Petuschki in May 2002

This essay is in german and russian language, but you will find the book in english easily.

Moscow to the End of the Line
Venedict Erofejev
Moscow to the End of the Line
also known as: Moscow - Petushki


na?this photo is part of a riddle.

Nobody found the solution, but some friends asked for enlightment, so here is it:

But nothing is for free, you must do something to get it:

At least , one click....

Ned Rothenberg
Ned Rothenberg has his own domain now and without any doubt, it is called

For five years, Avantart hosted his site, now I whish him success and for sure, the "old" pages will stay online...

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