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Dear Friends of Avantart!

The bombing stopped and the serbian troops leave Kosovo, but this does not mean peace. Still a vacuum of power must be converted to a new order, which gives everybody peace, freedom and wealth. But that seems to be far away. What is justice to one side (to go back to their homes) brings new losses for serbian inhabitants, who are fleeing now.
The bombing stopped, but we all know that it will take long time to comfort the souls, to recover the devastations and to create a new chance for co-existence of all people in that troubled region.
That's a whish. The reality is sad. Now is the time to find the victims of massacres, to bury them in honor and to soothen the pain. But how?
I am horrified to see the proofs of evidence: massacres, devasted land, burnt monasteries and mosques, destroyed schools, destroyed hearts.

All this hatred - how can it be overcome?

Enver IsmailovMusic is insatiable. And our ears get used to music and we think we need new sounds, melodies, harmonies. So the musicians travel around the world to find new inspiration. India, Africa, Finland .... that we had already. If I believe a german radio program, which I listened to by chance some days ago, it's time to explore the music of the Balkan now. In a report on the festival Jazz across the border at the House of the Cultures of the World in Berlin, the journalist reported that now the music from the Balkan is discovered not only by european musicians, but also by american avantgardists.
So he reported on Enver Ismailov, the new star from the East, fresh, autodidact, full of joy. Enver, a crimea-tartar, spent his youth in Uzbekistan, as his parents were chasen away from their homeland by Stalin, and lives in Ukraina again. Now he is recognized in the West as a representant of Balkan Music? Is Ukraina Balkan?

What News! What knowledge of Geography!

And one hint: If you read my pages at Avantart, I am sure, you know Enver already! And I must admit that I did not present his tunes here, as promised, but I will do in future, I promise.

Pushkin has his year now: celebrations, readings ...

we commemorate the eternal poetry, and those of us, who did not learn about him at school, get a new chance.

Many of the programs, presentations and manifestations are very oldfashioned, but there are new forms of presentation as well. So let me introduce the Bitov Quintet: Andrej Bitov, the writer, reads not so wellknown poems, accompanied by Vladimir Tarasov, Juri Parfionow, Alexander Alexandrov and Vladimir Volkow, all members of many interesting ensembles, (Moscow Composers' Orchestra f.e.) friends, who have their portrait here at Avantart already. I am sure, I must not introduce them here again.

So, listen to Pushkin, by voice of Andrej Bitov!
I have visited again.....

Sergey Kuryokhin
David Moss
2 for tea2 for tea

A new CD, but not so new recording: it took some time to release 2 for tea, a CD by 2 congenial musicians: Sergey Kuryokhin and David Moss. But now it is out, and you can listen to some short cuts: Intro1, Intro2 and Just a rehearsal

It's the LongArms Label from Moscow again. Congratulations!

My collection of Sergey Kuryokhin CDs or CDs, related to Sergey Kuryokhin, is growing:
2 for tea
Vyacheslav Guyvoronski: For Sergey Kuryokhin
Various artists: ORION CUP
Insect Culture
Sergey Kuryokhin & New Composers: Insect Exercises: 3'29"

Peter Kowald
It took 2 months, but now it is ok: Peter Kowald is the owner of the domain!

So my Kowald-pages at Avantart,moved. I am proud to be the webmaster of that pages also, but I think Peter will start to run his own pages soon.... All the best!

Rose, Kattner, Quinn An invitation to an exhibition was sent to me, an announcement, which, by it's format and design, made me curious:
a small folder, accurately sealed, the opening an esthetic delight:

Andreas Kattner, H.A. Rose, J. Quinn

present their work from June, 10 to June, 30, 1999.

If you have 208 kb spare time, open the folder!

InterstudioKUKART IV is on....

For the 4th time, the White Nights of Tsarskoe Selo / St. Petersburg. from June 18 to June 26, offer the frame for the festival KUKART IV, intensive days, full of performance, music, improvisation, installation, exhibitions, fun and more.

This year, I cannot go there, so there will be no chronology of the festival, as we had in 1997. And I have no program to broadcast here in the moment, but all my whishes go there: good luck, Interstudio!

What's in the queue?
a report of the Bitov Quintet performance in Berlin, June 19, 1999
a portrait of A.R.S, a promising ensemble from Hamburg
a updated portrait of Heinz-Erich Gödecke
a festival report of MIMI 99
more CDs by LongArms Records
more CDs by SolydRecords
more information on Avet Terterian at
music by Enver Ismailov

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