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the buddha of Bamiyan vandalism in Bamiyan

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June 2001: KUKART V

Franz Martin Olbrisch at World Music Days in Yokohama

New CD: The Stickmen

my new photopages

Oleg Dergatchov - artist from Lviv

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Dear friends of Avantart!

I am so sad and shocked about the ongoing destruction of the two great buddha statues of Bamiyan by the Taliban regime that I put together a collection of 25 year old photos of this treasure. Please read and see what the world has lost by iconoclasm and ignorance.

David Burman Interstudio Theatre-Academie Interstudio in Carskoe Selo has some news for us:

the academy has a new title now: Institute of Innovative Programs for the Professional Development of Cultural Workers INTERSTUDIO.
It's not only the name which changed, the topics changed as well, now the academy will teach cultural workers and offers professional postgraduate studies...

The new orientation was worked out by David Burman.

There is a new website, where you can find information in russian and in english language

For sure I will continue to report about the academy here at Avantart.

eine Aufführung beim Festival KUKART 3and so we come to the next topic:

June 2001, for the 5th time, the interdiscipline festival KUKART, will take place and Interstudio calls for participation. And invites.

Those of you, who know the Interstudio-pages at Avantart, surely know about the former festivals. Those of you readers who do not know about the festivals can find an overview over the first ten years of Interstudio.

The new program of the Academy and the call for participation at the Interstudio-pages.

Franz Martin Olbrisch

Franz Martin Olbrisch, renowned composer of New Music, guest at Avantart with his website, is invited to participate at the ISCM World Music Days 2001 in Yokohama.

My congratulations and let me express that I am very proud that FMO is keeping his website at Avantart!

The International Society for Contemporary Music organises ISCM World Music Days every year

It is still possible to submit compositions for 2002!

The StickmenThe Stickmen: InsatiableA new CD is out:
The Stick Men: Insatiable

my old friend Jim Meneses sent me information and for sure I updated Jim's pages.

The CD is distributed by Power Records and you can find the CD Tracks in Audio there as well.

I worked on some photopages in the last time and I announce them here once more:

Rural Galicia

a Market Day in the small galician town of Drogobych.

The New Synagogue in Drogobych

The wooden churches of Drogobych

Stay here - Hotel Tulstan in Drogobych

From Borislav to Turka and Strij - in the ukrainian Carpath Mountains

Oleg Dergatchov: small bronce statueOleg Dergatchov is an artist from Lviv.

I present his really interesting works at Avantart.

For sure, these pages will grow...

What else?

I work on two new photo-installations which I will present in June in Moscow and Carskoe Selo, I work on the portrait of the painter Igor Yanovitch from Lviv, more to come...

galician literature, the cultural region Carpathia, new doors open, new topics...

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