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Dear friends of Avantart!

too much work makes you ill and weak. Yes, that is true. And after a long run with a lot of work in Berlin and Freiburg, I am ill. Two months running around, no real rest and a lot of stress. That is why Avantart is not so vivid at this time.

But some new topics are there, for sure.  

Davaj January and February 2002, a very special exhibition, which by unknown reasons was called "project", took place in Berlin, in the rooms of the Postfuhramt: an exhibition showing the work "from the laboratories of free art in Russia" Davaj

a lot of media-hype, 15.000 visitors, the german Kultur-Minister Nida-Rühmelin came to the opening ......

I found that the visitors could not see the real interesting works as their attention was directed to other, more spectacular pieces of art.

This exhibition will be shown in Vienna in early summer of 2002.

my impressions and my judgements, which, I am sure, differ from the official judgements and reviews, but in the moment in german language only....

and have a look at, the virtual travel office in Moscow!


There are so many different topics at Avantart, that many of the articles are nearly forgotten inbetween. That's why I start to "re-present" you articles which are still interesting. Let me begin with

Sto takoya morskaja kapusta?, a performance by Sasha Pepelyaev's Cinetic Theatre from Moscow and Ekaterinburg.

Sasha Pepelyaev's Cinetic Theatre participated att he Tanztheater-Festival at Kampnagel in Hamburg 1999, the music is composed by Alexei Aigi.

Andrzej Stasiuk: NeunFinally, after a long time of waiting, the new book by Andrzej Stasiuk is out: Neun.

Try to find Stasiuk in english, I am not sure whether his works are translated, but they are really necessary to read.

If you can read german, here it is at zu finden,

Stasiuk's own publishing house is online at

I have some new photoseries:

this time with motives from my hometown, Hamburg.

Hamburger Speicherstadt
a walk in Hamburg-Altona, not so long ago a center of Bohème, international, open, now dirty and somehow shabby

A walk in the Hamburger Speicherstadt - great architecture and small details

experiments with a motive from the Hamburger Speicherstadt

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