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do not lean out
A view from the Moscow Metro

Russia and Armenia again

Vladimir Resitzky is dead

new CD by D. Gasparyan

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Dear friends of Avantart!

at the Arkhangelsk Festival listening

Vladimir Rezitsky died. This news make me very sad.

He gave so much, not only the Russian Jazz is what he is because of him.

He played, he listened, he managed, he made possible...

I am very grateful to him.

The world lost a great man.

Vladimir was a good friend to us and here are some memories. has a moving epilog for Vladimir online.

Now I start again to Russia and Armenia

posle golosaMoscow, Jaroslavl on the Volga, Pushkin and Erivan.

It will be wonderful, stressing and interesting. It took weeks and nervs to get the russian visa. Soviet Burokratism had a revival in the russian consulats in Germany, they know how to treat you and how to make you desperate. Why, we did not understand.

I will participate at the festical KUKART of the theater-Academy INTERSTUDIO and I will show a photo-exhibition there:

POSLE GOLOSA: photos in dialogue with poems by Felix Philipp Ingolds

I will documentate that here, but later.

Now I have to start.


I am back from Moscow now and I am really busy with sorting all the impressions, experiences and memories.

My exhibition in DOM was a real succes and gained a lot of appreciation .

The friends of LINIAGRAFIC created a wonderful poster for the exhibition where I am really proud of.

Walking through the streets of Samoskwaretchie, I found many interesting motives.

Uncounted miles using the Metro.....

in Novie Jerusalem

I enjoyed the russian spring, sun and thunderstorm and heavy rain and sun again, walking through the small city of Istra and the wonderful, oldrussian monastery Novi Jerusaleim in the Northwest of Moscow.

100 gramm of vodka help to recover.

More will follow here, for sure...

für wen wer schreibt

who writes for whom
Ruslan Elinin

Djivan Gasparyan: NAZANIThe moscovit Label CDDOMA published a new CD by Djivan Gasparyan:


The CD was recorded in 2000 in the TURNE Studio. More information at or by email to

embankment of the Moscow river Of course, I shot a lot of photos again and step by step I will present some of them here.

Moscow Moments:
Dog does not eat Dog

A walk in Samoskwaretchie

the Novi Jerusalem Monastery

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