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 In honor of The Death Wittwulf y Malik, violoncellistNew Infos at TechTalk
Come to the first of Mai!

Freund Hein as Sibiriake There will be a festival In honor of The Death at the Christianskirche in Hamburg-Ottensen. Freund Hein zu Ehren. As this festival takes place in Hamburg, it is in german language. And the introducing text is in german as well.

I met Wittwulf y Malik at the Human Noise-Meeting, organized by artist in my hometown Wiesbaden, 15 years ago. Since then I always enjoyed his concerts, whenever possible I came to listen to his music or watch his performances. Now I met him again: the 26 of April, he gave a concert, together with Hannes Wienert, at the vernissage of the exhibition Bilder, Notationen und Neue Musik. Find out about this interesting artist. Wittwulf Malik

  Finally I found a technology which enables me to integrate sound files in my pages: RealAudio. Music starts to play nearly immediately, there is stereo as well, the files aren't as huge as WAV-Files and, what is important for the artists:
the files stay copyright-protected, as the download of the file can be hindered by a single option when converting to the RealAudio format. RealAudio-files can be saved in different levels, the RealAudio-Server decides by handshake with the player-programm which version should be sent. So ISDN-Modems will get CD-quality!
You need a PlugIn to use RealAudio, but I strongly recommend this as this will be the standard of the future! As I am fascinated by this technique I will add more and more sound to my pages. For a first approval, check
Ned Rothenberg's page! For those of you who understand German, I put together a survey how to use this technique. You will find the most competent information at RealAudio's page, for sure.

Some technical information:
at my Techtalk-pages I introduce information about
robots.txt, a file which helps you to control the webcrawler and robots.
And I found one more interesting tool: VOICEMAIL. With this PlugIn it is possible to record voice messages directly from a WWW-Page and this message is sent immediately by email to the adress you specified before. Unfortunately, there are some handicaps: the visitor must have a working microphone installed, and the PlugIn only works with Netscape and with Win95 or WIN NT.
One more handicap: this page is in german language, only. Sorry

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