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Peter Kowald

Peter Kowald

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Tarbagan Rises from the Earth
A new CD from Japan:
TARBAGAN Rises on the Earth
music for decemberYesterdayOPUS POSTHUM
and 3 CDs with piano music
from Moscow!
Is Life easy?

Good things take time! But now there is a portrait of Peter Kowald ! I am sure, I must not introduce him, but I want to present him and his work here.

The first pages are ready, you will find a lot of information here. And in some days, you will find something to hear as well, I already choose which tunes I will upload in RealAudio - Quality.

Please read:

Peter Kowald

I got some mail some days ago: a CD was inside, and the sender was Todoriki Masahiko. I know Riki for two years now, he came to Hamburg to attend a concert of Sainkho. Riki is member of the ThroatSinging Society and he travels to Tuva quite often. He is working on a tuvan-japanese grammar beside his studies of biology.

Now he published this astonishing CD Tarbagan Rises on the Earth together with Saga Haruhiko. You can read about this CD at Avant@art and you will hear some of the music soon. If you like the music, please don't forget to order the CD at the Site of the Friends of Tuva!

Moscovitan Rainpipe Russian rainpipes always drive me sentimental and now I found a photo in the booklet of a new CD (Yesterday) from Moscow. (You can admire another pipe following the walk through Carskoe Celo.... )

LongArms Records, Moscow, released three new CDs with russian pianomusic. The pianists are Alexey Lyubimov and Anton Batagov, who play compositions by Vladimir Martynov, Georges Peletsi, Alexander Rabinovitch, Sergej Zagny and Anton Batagov.

I listened to Anton Batagov's performance the first time in Wolgograd 1991 and I really admire his playing. He knows the New Music, 'learned' from Philipp Glass, recorded the Vingt Regards sur l'Enfant Jesus' by Olivier Messiaen (Melodiya 1990), he masters Kunst der Fuge and his music for december melts the snow with minimalistic persistence. He surely is one of the most interesting pianists of our time, even when he prefers the label 'composer'. His interpretations as well as his compositions are the best....

Please, switch to the presentation of the new CDs . For sure, there are some RealAudio pieces!

Anton Batagov:Music for December
Vladimir Martynov:OPUS POSTH
Anton Batagov:Yesterday

I only included this because I was fascinated by the simplicity of the text.
(It's a candy-bar package....)

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