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Dear Friends of Avantart!

When I am writing this, the war in Yugoslavia / Kosova is ongoing since 60 days. The misery and cruelty is ever growing. We in Central Europe look at this, feeling paralysed and helpless.

More and more we understand that once again the war was begun like an adventure, where the commanders do not know the region, the history, the people, the conditions....

I still remember the military speakers saying that a war in East-South-Yugoslavia could not be won, that a war would take too long time, that a war will be very bloody, that the war would turn to Guerialla Fighting. This insight, we thought, would protect all of us from a war of the NATO with Yugoslavia, would urge the decision-makers to communicate diplomatically.

But we were wrong about that. After this helpless peace conference in Rambouillet, the decision makers decided to start an air rallye. Once more a war started at the Balkan. In 1914 it was the German Emperor who stepped into this trap and started WW I. He also thought of a short adventure. This time it is Bill Clinton and the NATO.

And we are trapped, too. They tell us that this war is done for Humanity.
I know about the ethnic cleansing in Kosovo and I know about the Serbian struggle for Superiority. I feel paralysed by the cruelty with which the serbs use the refugees as cover for their weapons.
I know that that is evil. But I cannot accept that it is necessary to defend humanity by bombing hospitals, chemical factories, schools in Kosovo. If they fight Milosevic, why they do not fight him in Belgrad? If they want to protect Kosovo, why they destroy Kosovo?

And one more time, our faith is trapped, we are disillusioned. Didn't all of us believe that the more publicity a war gets, the more the world would start to protest? Publicity, information as a warranty for peace? This is wrong. Dis-Information and Information are very close, we know but we cannot stop the cruelties.

When I saw the reports on the refugees, I was reminded of the Armenian Genocid. In 1915 the Turks, with the help of the Kurds, chased the Armenians into the desert, one and a half million people were killed. There was only few publicity, the world did not know as we know today. Our hope was that this could not happen again in our time... because the world would protest if information would be spread... but it happens again. And we look at it. And we do not stop it.

It is a blame for us, but it is death and horror for the people in Yugoslavia and Kosovo.

I feared that this conflict would spread out, that more and more countries would step into it. My greatest fear was confrontation with Russia, as Russia has close connections to Serbia. I am relieved to see that Russia takes an active part in the diplomatic field, let us be grateful for that!

I had some russian visitors in the last weeks. I spoke with many friends from Russia. And their argumentation towards my argumentation showed how deeply we are influenced by our media: They spoke very clearly of the Nato Agression, as we speak of the Nato Mission. I do not want to say that they are wrong, I want to point out that we must not follow the argumentation but reflect both sides.

My Tuva-Pages are updated. There is a little bit more information:
  • you find two CDs by Biosintes now,
  • info on the upcoming Shaman-Exhibition at Übersee-Museum in Bremen,
  • and short information about aggressive christianisation
  • a historical anecdote
  • a link to the new WebSite of Huun-Huur-Tu

event calendar I get so many valuable information on upcoming concerts, festivals, exhibitions and events that I installed an event-calendar at Avantart. From now on you access this calendar from my frontpage, just clicking on the calendar-symbol. 

Peter Kowald Nothing seems to be easier than to install a new domain on the web.... that's what they say.... but it ain't like that. I installed some webpages on Peter Kowald and his work at Avantart some time ago, and he liked them. Now, in order to reserve the domain-name for him, we had to struggle and to fight. Provider are very eager and keen to catch customers this time... the domain was ordered by a german provider and we had to convince him to release Now we are in the process of registration, and when the new TCP/IP-Adress is registered, you will be able to access Peter's pages at his own domain. I will be webmaster of that domain and I hope you will surf there, too!

When this link is activated: you will be able to find Peter on his own in the WWW!


Last month I introduced the SoLydRecord Label at Avantart. Now I have two more CDs here for you:

  1. Biosintes: Deity
  2. Popular Mechanika: Insect Culture
Don't be scared by the insects, crawling on this page! They belong to Insect Culture, a CD by Sergej Kuryokhin. You can find this CD at the pages of SoLydRecords. There will be more....

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