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beauty missing

reality hurts

no solution until now

Anna Mayillian in Berlin

Ryoji Hojito in Hamburg

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Dear friends of Avantart!

once more, the world turned into a battlefield and once more, we feel weak and terrified.

Once more the public discussions turns to the simplest level and everybody knows what must be done to cut the gordian knot.

In our hemisphere, the civil rights are cut and those who warn are blamed. In other hemispheres, the innocent are killed to release them from their misery.

This is a big misery of human spirit. The world once more is the victim of the quest for dominance, fundamentalistic simplicity and brutality and the individual is lost.

I feel sad and I try to keep away from people. I do not want to listen to all these simplificators and I whish that rationality and compassion will evolve, will get a new chance.

I try to concentrate on my photo works and I continue with my projects "photostroki" and "posle golosa", photos and poetry. This keeps me busy and gives me satisfaction. I think I will be able to introduce some of my works to you.

what's that?was ist das?still this riddle is not solved.

I think the reality was stronger than this small game. So the question still is: who of you recognizes this thing?

Get closer, find it out, and tell me what it is!

Saghmos - Union of FriendsAgain I would like to introduce you to

They are friends with a lot of ambition:

they want to support armenian artists, armenian art and artists in Armenia. They organize concerts and performances...
Anna Mayillian
Anna Mayillian is a member of SAGHMOS and what is very important for us: She will take part in the festival of spiritual music in Berlin at December 9 at the
Haus der Kulturen der Welt

Do not miss if possible!

Ryoji Hojito

Music is a good helper in bad situations, and that's why I suggest you the festival Open Jazz, organised by Jazzbüro Hamburg.

November 1, Ryoji Hojito from Japan will perform, he is coming especially for this gig. We met him first in Moscow, at DOM in 1999 and now he comes to us.

November 1, at Atrium, Bernstorffstraße, Hamburg.

armenische LinklisteI added a new page to the "armenian website" at Avantart: a link-list.

And I would like to interest you for, a website which introduces a gallery in Erivan. This page gives a good impression of contemporary taste and style in Armenia.

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