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Paper Art Exhibition in Düren

New Guest at Avantart: FM Olbrisch

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Dear Friends of Avantart!

This month, Avantart is online for 2 years now. I am proud of it, for sure. Two years, that's a long time in the Cyber-Age. (If you add the first steps at Compuserve and the time at Geocities, it is 4 years already....)

Two years online, and still new topics emerge, the network gets stronger. I am getting suggestions from many different countries, new contacts arise. The many visitors proof that the need for music and art still exists, and that the mass culture did not overtake completely.

We all know about the difficulties of art in the banal context which is created by the mass media, and still I think the Internet gives us the chance to promote our own content.

In the last two years, Avantart sponsored webspace for the Ripfiles, a place to document stolen web content or web design, and it was the home for the Jazzbuero Hamburg, the organisation of Hamburg Jazz Initiatives. The Jazzbuero now found it's own domain, I am still involved in these pages, and that is one of the reasons why it seemed that I had not so much time for Avantart in the last time.

When I look through the content of Avantart, I see the many festivals, exhibitions, concerts and tours which are documented here. And I feel that I have a very rich life. I am proud that I can share it with you! And I whish that you will accompany me in the future, that we all won't loose our curiosity....

Avet Terterian As I mentioned at Avantart already, I am very much touched by the music of the great Armenian composer Avet Terterian. That's why I started a second domain, With this, I hope to honor him and to spread the knowledge of his music. I also hope to find new companions who could help with the Terterian Foundation.

The first steps are taken...

Helgoland, an island in the North Sea While I am writing this, I am overlooking the shore of Helgoland, an island in the North Sea, 45 miles north of the german mainland.

The weather is rough and the sea is grey. The air is wonderful, clean and healthy, the best climate for asthmatics (like me). Every day I walk around the rocks, inhaling deeply.

I plan to add postcards from this interesting place, but in the meanwhile let me introduce you the new postcards which I installed in the last days:

Vladimir Tarasov: Nocturne for paperPaperArt #7 is the name of an exhibition in the small city of Düren near Cologne. This exhibition opened some weeks ago, and my husband and I spent a weekend there.

Our friends Vladimir Tarasov and Dmitrij Prigov took part, both of them present an installation.

As Electric Paper is the subtitle of this exhibiton, it is obvious that the electronic media played an important (but doubtful) role here. The emperor is still naked....

So, please have a look at my personal exhibition report!

F.M. Olbrisch is one of the most interesting contemporary german composers and I am proud that Avantart hosts his homepage since October 98. In the moment, the pages are in german language, but as Alf Olbrisch, the designer of these pages, told me, there will be an english version, soon. I will keep you informed.

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