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Dear friends of Avantart!

again and again the world turns to black. Chechnia, Bamiyan, New York, mankind re-defines itself. Our humanitarian ideals show how weak they are, just a thin layer. We must accept that we must scrutinize all our principles over and over, that there are no moral basics which gives us relief.

nothing to say There are many subjects to tell, but I can't find the time to collect everything and to present what is important to me. There is a big bunch of CDs which I want to present, I want to tell more about our travels, but....

I mostly used my spare time with my photo-works, a lot of ink was used, it takes a lot of time and patience for printing out the big photos. I also pondered through poetry and I read a lot. More and more I earn to spend my time with my topics, but still I want to introduce the work of other artists.


what's that?was ist das?who of you recognizes this thing?

Get closer, find it out, and tell me what it is!

I am curious!

Saghmos - Union of FriendsMy friens from Erivan inaugurated their domain and so I can proudly introduce:


They are friends with a lot of ambition:

they want to support armenian artists, armenian art and artists in Armenia. They organize concerts and performances...

We have been their guests in Erivan in july, they organised the concert of Heinz-Erich Gödecke and Reinhart Hammerschmidt and they made everything possible. Anna Mayillian, Susan Safaryan and Karen Arakelyan, to name them

You can find their site at

Wellcome online!

in Erivan I finished a picturegallery with my armenian impressions, have a look!

Discover Armenia There is a new travel guide out now, in german language, which presents this wonderful country very intensively. There is even AVANTART listed in their chapter "Armenia in the Internet"!
Those of you, who can read german and who want to travel to Armenia:find out about ARMENIEN ENTDECKEN

order it online online


Autumn is my "mental season" and every year I add a little more poetry (in german language) at

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