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Theatreworks, Singapore


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Theatreworks at the Summertheatre Festival in Hamburg

Sainkho's new CD: Naked Spirit

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Dear friends, I really hate blinking text, but for the first time I use this attribute and there is reason enough for it:


The organisator of the world-known Jazzfestival Arkhangelsk in North Russia is in serious trouble because of some financials implications for which he is not responsible. We ask you for moral support and beg you to send your letters of support to Vladimir.

If you want to find out more about the Arkhangelsk Festival, there is information about the festivals of 1996 and 1997 on my pages.

Theatreworks, Singapore The International Summertheatre Festival Hamburg took place this month and I was happy to assist at some really impressive performances. I will write here about two of them, one report is ready already:

Theatreworks from Singapore presented their piece:

The descendants of the Eunuch Admiral.

I will finish the second report, on Dybuk by Miriam Goldschmidt soon.

Sainkho Namchylak released a new CD: Naked Spirit.

Amiata Records, the label from Italy also offers a RealAudio-File from this CD online.
Sainkho will be very busy in the next time: In October she will tour in Germany with Peter Kowald and she will perform at the Vilnius Jazzfestival with the project "Virtual Rituality. New Dance Music Project" (Austria,RUS,LIT) as well.

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