Coney Island and Brighton Beach

Coney Island
Coney Island: a myth: Isaac B. Singer strolled along Surf Avenue, Henry Miller spent some wild weekends here and Weegee shot his famous photos.
Roller Coaster Take the A-Train ... and then change to the F -Train to reach this place. It's only 50 minutes from World Trade Center and it's quite another world.
This place is one of the main summer weekend-resorts, but now it is totally deserted. The famous boardwalk now is forsaken, populated by bored seagulls and the abandoned rides are hibernating.
There are only 3 clients and one lonely dove in the famous hall of Nathan's, the homeplace of the Hot Dog. No vegetarian would order HotDogs, even if they are worldfamous, so after some coffee and French Fries we left. We took the D-Train to Brighton Beach. The subway-station looks desolate and we are curious for the next stop: Brighton Beach. Subway Station

Brighton Beach is only some minutes away, but it is quite another world: formerly a jewish neighbourhood, now it hosts many thousand russian immigrants, who came in the 70s are after perestroika.
Brighton Beach The main street is crowded, big banners wish us a Happy Chanukka as well as a Merry Christmas and the young woman in the 99¢-Shop speaks Russian better than English and I feel at home at once. The Deli-Shop offers russian pickles and a reservation for the New Year's Eve-Dinner is 20$ at the Gastronom Moscow. We have a cup of tea, no vodka, in the Wolna Coffeeshop before we enter the Q-Train back to Manhattan.

Happy New Year!

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