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The best (and cheapest) way to change place in NY and NJ is by public transport. We used the PATH-Subway System in Jersey City and changed to the New York Subway-System at World Trade Center or along the 33rd-Street-PATH-Line. You pay one Dollar for PATH (either by bill or by multi-card) and 1.5 Dollar for the New York System. The subway-tokens (look right)are valid on busses, too.

I was impressed how clean the cars are. The transport company announces a graffiti-free system and they are right.

Chewing-gum- free floors Another amusing aspect: the chewing-gum-free system.

Good intentions, but until now it is not working, people have to be trained.

The orientation, where to change the lines, is not so easy but you get information maps at the entrance or you ask the people. We got lost sometimes but we always found our way out.

To go by bus is far more difficult for untrained visitors. Yesterday we wanted to go by bus from 5th Ave. / 17th Street to Canal Street and we entered the wrong line. The driver informed us that he will show where we have to change the bus and when we reached this stop, he stopped his bus in front of the other bus, so that this one couldn't escape and we could enter it.
Inside there I asked whether we should buy another ticket again and the driver asked us whether we had paid in the first bus. We nodded. So he let us in. Later we find out that you always need a special ticket if you want to change buses. And we were told that the drivers were especially kind to us. That normally the drivers are more rough.

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