mdst, long arms, rustamushki international, dom
dom program
december 1999

we 1
“day of the kostroma and something else”
lev rubinstein presents the book of sidur about sidur, olivier messiaen with new viennese school, nerekhts horn players and russian authentic tap-dance

th 2
vladimir chekasin presents “japanese music school” by tsuyama atsushi

fr 3
festival “cultural heroes of 21st century”
– “plantain” by ”povstanzy” dance group (moscow)
- “vetrophonia” (petersburg)

sa 4
festival “cultural heroes of 21st century”
– stepanida borisova (yakutsk) and “ama jazz” (ekaterinburg - kremenchug - dnepropetrovsk)

su 5
festival “cultural heroes of 21st century”
- «nete» group (moscow-vologda-smolensk)
- sergey pron – igor paraschyuk duo (ekaterinburg)

mo 6
festival “cultural heroes of 21st century”
– vladimir rezitsky project and tim dorofeev trio (arkhangelsk)

tu 7
festival “cultural heroes of 21st century”
- «trigon» (kishinev), «alter ego» (novosibirsk) and sound-poets and electroacoustics (from everywhere)

we 8
festival “cultural heroes of 21st century”
- «taxidermy» by alexey aigi and 4.33 group (moscow), vlad makarov and “abstract project” (smolensk)

th 9
festival “cultural heroes of 21st century”
– “cool moscow winter” works by young russian composers

fr 10
festival “cultural heroes of 21st century”
- «HXA» lev gutovsky, sergey belov and olga leonova
- «unbearable lightness of being» (chelyabinsk)
- «membranoids» maxim sergeev and daniil akimov
- and «fischers nachtgesang – 2» dmitry bulatov, andrew vorontsov and anna lezina (kaliningrad)

sa 11
festival “cultural heroes of 21st century”
- «moscow – territory – 2000» - 4pm “three graces” dmitry aleksandrovich prigov, lev rubinstein and timur kibirov, 7.30 pm “polite refusal”, leonid
fedorov and sergey starostin and “volkovtrio”

su 12
festival “cultural heroes of 21st century”
- «moscow – territory – 2000» - vladimir chekasin presents baltic diaspora
– «after hanukah» - vitas labutis, oleg molokoedov, leonid shinkarenko, gediminas laurinavicus and neda

tu 14
enver izmailov trio “music for all but not for everyone”

we 15
«new russian music» by Arkady Shilkloper, Vladimir Volkov and sergey starostin

th 16
cine phantom presents works of andrew silvestrov

fr 17
“let one hundred colors bloom” “in searching of national idea” authentic folk musicians from russian villages

sa 18
- vyacheslav koleichuk workshop and «total theatre»
- “new sonic reality”
– different soundlines performing by “object-orchestra” of vyacheslav koleichuk, stanislav kreichi, german vinogradov and

su 19
“ole lukkoe”
– music and video performance “good vibrations”
– bio-hak

we 22
“edges” by dmitry pokrovsky group – music by igor stravinsky, vladimir martynov, iraida yusupova, vladimir nikolaev, alfred schnittke and russian people

th 23
opening of the exhibition “sensory surroundings”
nazar kozhukhar and his chamber orchestra – music of bach, glass, nyman and karmanov

sa 25
«christmas night in galicia» by vladimir martynov, tatyana grindenko, opus posth and dmitry pokrovsky group

su 26
«fifty years after» works of alexandr nemtin:
«pavana for cello and piano»,
«pan´s flute» «3 poems for piano»
"stars fall dawn from the heavens" for baritone and piano (words by shandor petefi) and electronic music program of alexandr nemtin, stanislav kreichi and other composers for «ans» synthesizer
- "voice", "tears" and others by nemtin,
"oriental echo" by kreichi and others

tu 28
“artcard” – new year´s, post and other natural functions, “barabases” and others

we 29
“there-here” children hall trees and artists new year´s trees toys

th 30
ne party – happy new ears – one new year is better than two-three old ones
the exhibitions
december 1 – 12 «photo-collection museum»
december 4 – 19 “cultural heroes of 21st century”
december 22 – 26 “sensory surroundings”
december 29 – 2 “there-here” children hall trees and artists new year´s trees toys
concerts start at 19.30
working days from wednesday till sunday (sometimes monday and tuesday)
dom centre
bolshoy ovchinnikovsky lane, 24, building 4
(near to “novokuznetskaya” metro station)
information and booking
tel. 953 7236
fax 953 7242
very special thanks
japanese fund and japanese embassy in moscow,

If you would like to book the ticket, please, mail back you name and you will get your ticket with
10% discount before the concert.