KUKART Three - and - half, an Interims-Festival in June 1998

Every two years, the KUKART-Festival takes place. This year, the Biennale will be 'disturbed' by an Interims-Festival with russian and swiss artists.
Zapazdnoy Vjchod (emergency-exit), that's a good title for the festival as well.
Good contacts to Pro Helvetia helped, by this sponsorhip Artists, which belong to the regular participants of the festival, and artists, which take part for the first time, come together.

There is no financial help for Interstudio and the russian participants, and one more time raises the question how to survive in hard times (just now the subsidies for the academy were cut down to 35%....)

Here a short, temporary list of participants:

KUKART Three - and - half

from Switzerland:

from Russia:

Jaccard - Schelling - Bertinelli, Dance Theatre, for the third time at KUKART, this time they present the production Relage by Erik Satie.

Werner Lüdi and Trio Ludi, participants at the 15th Jazzfest Arkhangelsk 1997

Das Hans-Koch-Trio

Modiener, performance-artists

Derek Stierli

Arkadij Shilkloper, Vladimir Resitzki, Vjacheslav Guyvoronski + Elena Petrova, Vladimir Volkow - russian musicians, wellknown at Avantart

Igor Makarevich and Elena Jelaginova, artists from Moscow

Emergency Exit, from Puschkin


Theatre Interstudio
with the productions Humanimals and Woyzeck

theatre-ensembles from St. Petersburg

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