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Monday, June 23

Sarah Flohr, USA
Sarah Flohr

The second day of the festival was a rainy one, but it didn't matter so much as most actions took part in the palace. It was mostly a day of exhibitions and vernissages, so f.e. in the afternoon, Sarah Flohr's fresco was presented.

Sarah Flohr
Nature's inventory This beautiful installation to the left shows us a full inventory of all plants at a special territory.

Artist: Timofej Kostin

Later in the afternoon, Dimir Igumnov performed at the small stage behind a curtain:
light, action, objects and sound.
Russian conserves I made a walk around and admired the decoration in the shops:

This is really everyday-art!

Casual art: Pasta

The evening program brought us a great performance: Fragile Territories, by Jaccard - Schelling - Bertinelli, dancers from Zürich and Fribourg, who came to Kukart the second time.
I had no success to make photos this evening, as flashlight was not allowed. But you will find great pictures of their second performance.

At the end of the night, Slava Guyvoronski (trumpet) and Lena Petroba (accordeon) gave a great performance. Love and music are a wonderful combination. Lena Petrova and Vyacheslav Guyvoronski


the next day

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