Über Vladimir Tarasov / On Vladimir Tarasov

Vladimir Tarasov
Tarasov's intellectualized percussion - rich moods are imperceptibly born from tiny details.
Virgil Mihain, "Russion jazz new identity"
Quartet books, London

He doesn't want to interfere with the process, the flow of inspiration, coming from within himself. There is a stream of subconsciousness, or consciousness, that he doesn't want to disturb.
Howard Mandel, "Down beat", USA

Enriching the part of the main instrument he brought forth devilish rhythms from anything which happened to come across his hands - from bells, cocktail shakers, gongs and even tin box.
Francis Davis, "Atlantic Journal", USA

Vladimir Tarasov, a drummer of rare subtlety and cunning, takes sensual delight in the very touch of his extensive array of instruments, from finger chimes to cymbals. He is also a master of decorative brushwork.
Nat Hentoff "The Wall Street Journal", USA

It is a credit to Tarasov's sensitivity and creativity that this obvious play is utilized with such subtlety.
Milo Fine, "Jazz Forum", Poland

Tarasov was virtuosic with one drum stick on a small hand-held disc.
Mary Campbell, "Associated press", New York

A long drum solo, which Tarasov littered with hushend, chopped - off sounds as if trying to restrain his exubererance.
John Fordnam, "The Guardian", London

Vladimir Tarasov - wove exhilarating patterns through the most demanding tempos.
Geoff Chapman, "The Toronto Star", Toronto

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