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Reduced auto-biography:

In 1975, while I was in Amsterdam, I bought a transversal flute. I was attracted by music, very quickly I could play nice melodies on the instrument and I started playing in the street to make a better living. Quite disapointed on that spot, it made me discover many things I never thougth of, like as exemple poverty. I noticed that Mozart style, even badly imitated, would charme and make money in the hat. Nevertheless some of my improvisation in the tube got much succes, too. The underground tubes were a fact of my first experimentation of effects on the instruments in London (first trip to London), in july 1977.

In 1978-79 living in London and while meeting the London Collectif Musicians I met many artists, between them some of the greatest musicians, in such simplicity that I thought they were as me some kind of cloud N°9 dreamers. I had the pleasure there to listen to great concerts. I remember one man I will never forget and whom IAcetone + members of DJ Ritu's Asian Equation saw at the London Collectif while visiting London later. I saw him later at the Musiques de traverses de Reims in front of a 1000 audience room. That day, in London, he gave us a very sincere concert in a room that could hardly fill with more than a 50 lot, in front of a 25 people audience. He played a while and then invited people to join him, so did I. I got to know in Reims that man was no one else than Lol Coxhill.

Acetone From then on I was looking for sounds while traveling through Europe : London, Berlin, Amsterdam (with meetings at the «Melk Weg » now called Milky Way), all along making recherches and using effects.

In 1981 first official concert of ACETONE in duo with Stéphane O'malone on guitare.

In 1982 I bought a Lyricon I (électronical clarinette device from the 70's, analogic system). That was the new sound I was looking for ! ! !

In 1983 Michel Jacquet Alias Jean XXIII on basse guitare and Carl Bernard on drums joined the duo to make a rock expérimental group, with the four and many invitation we were playing under my name ACETONE. We played around fifty concerts, run properly and we worked together for two years, mainly in a garage and in a squat called La Galère in Liège (B). I organised during these two years, at La Galère, workshops, which were frequented by many musicians.

1985 experiences in Oyasson (Fr) at Jean-Luc Lefranc's recording studio. We made a duo called Mag Tured, Jean-Luc Lefranc alias Vulpècula on Analogic ARP synth (with guitare pluging) and guitare on effects and ACETONE on Lyricon 1 and flute plus effects. Many recordings were made for Musicotherapy, but didn't lead to printing. A concert was played on Radio Calade transmitted directly from the concertroom at Villefranche sur Soaune (Fr).

In 1991 I discovered MIMI festival to which I go now every year. I had great meetings at the open stage. All this way my heart and my soul grew.

In 1997 was born the John Foss Spirit, our local and open workshop, where I often participate. This band as a work shop was born from a meeting at MIMI Festival in Arles (Fr).

In 1998 birth of JACOB und ACETONE. With Jacob Thein on drums and sonore objects and Acetone on saxophone…

Instruments :
1975 transversal flute,
1982 Lyricon I (électronical clarinette device from the 70's, analogic system),
1990 Saxophone midi (driver midi for digital synthesizer),
1994 Clarinette abandoned in 1996…
1996 saxophone,

Agora culture
30 rue Jonfosse
B-4000 Liège
tel : 32 (0)4 223 72 12
E-mail :

What I want to tell the word:
I have got so many things to tell the world, so many things that seem to be not accessible. Never the less, I am a utopian crazy worker and as John Lennon said, "you may thing I am crazy but I am not the only one and if you join us, tomorrow the world will speak as one ".
I wish every person to be taught music like writing and languages, by this they grow our soul and in that sense, specialy musique. They are ways to communicate and this is the path to peace and love. Peace and love, not the apathetic way of following masses but rather being as free as creation can make you, free of telling a message.
Looking at the amount of people unemployed and in the same time those who are deprived of entertainement by the will of crazy market reasons, I wish more places for performance to be opened and more finance to be given to make a living to so many entertainers who are killed on the spot.
Also, creation is not the way to go straight to the point of making money and that is why, even so we dont get any, it will never stop our creation and none of the bigest or powerfull business can ever steal one's creation. I wish there would be more and more people as Ferdinand Richard and all his friends convoyeurs d'artistes and artistes themselves. I wish there would be more people as Connie Müller-Gödecke to tell the world that all these exist.
At the same time, after all these wishes, the last I wish to tell now is related to this cool dictator-ship that is running the music industry. As the tree which hides the forest, the industry hides creativity, makes uniforme standards of musical products sold like bottles of milk. I discover by the work of Connie Müller-Göedecke (Avant@rt) which your are actualy reading, that communication is the first step, so I wish we will soon join our hands toguether so we can fight and make a faster reach to a better World.

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