Open Stage at MIMI 98

The Scène Ouverte or Open Stage has it's own tradition at the MIMI-Festival.
For many years now, MIMI is not only a place to encounter new musical concepts and listen to innovative music, it is also a place to meet musicians, to present your music to the friends and to surprise yourself and the others as well.

Marc Feuillet

Marc Feuillet is the restless organisator.

Every year he finds a new concept for the Open Stage.

Marc Feuillet The general idea is to mix the ensembles, musicians should not perform there with their familiar partners, they should be open for experiments, just like the audience.

So this year, the first evening (night) was reserved for Solos, the second night for Duos, the third one for ensembles and the last night should be surprise.

Beside the short gigs at these nights, Marc and I offered a short presentation at Avant@rt to all participating musicians. Some of the friends replied to this offer, their short portraits will be included in these pages.


The best way to introduce you and your music is to play. Musicians 'registered' with Marc and then the stage was open for them. So have a look at my short report (I could not stay until the last day of the festival, so here I present only the first three (long) nights.

late night audience at Open Stage
Marc Feuillet Participants of the Open Stage

Asian Equation meets European Improvisation
Realtime-Sampled-Overtones(Sainkho Namchylak, Obadan and Gilles)
Marc Feuillet on Stage

tired, but attentive audience

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