Open Stage at MIMI 98

The first night of the Open Stage was dedicated to short solo performances. By this, musicians could present their skills and ideas (and their very special instruments) to the audience and to the other musicians. So new ensembles could find together.
Here are portraits of those musicians, who filled out the 'questionaire' and by this, gave me some informations to present them (as I cannot include their music here.....). Acetone sent me more text, so his portrait is more complete.

One more: If I made some mistakes (my french is not so good and I could not read all handwritten notices...), please tell me that I can correct them.

Veronique Gardy David Rolland Gilles Vignes
Veronique Gardy,
transverse flute
David Rolland,
Pellezouki, Harpe-Hic
Gilles Vignes,
guitare, basse,
magnétophones ...
Acetone Guylaine Renaud Olivier Marais
Guylaine Renaud,
Olivier Marais
ping-pong-phone, turbozok etc....
David Fenech Thomas Quinart Orhan Hartlap
David Fenech
Thomas Quinart,
Tenor Sax, Clarinette,
Orhan Hartlap
JeanMichel Gosselin Fred Madoeuf Jakob Thein
Jean Michel Gosselin,
Fred Madoeuf,
different percussions
and sound objects
Jakob Thein,
In the heat of the night, Jakob surprised us with his powerful play and his very personal stage attitude.

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