Now the documentation 365 Tage am Ort is published. Am Ort means: at the place, local, not leaving town.....

Peter Kowald, Nicole Aders: "365 Tage am Ort"

Bassplayer Peter Kowald and photographer Nicole Adershave finished their documentation of the one year project "365 Days in One Place". Dokumentation: Peter Kowald: 365 Tage am OrtThere are Peter Kowald's "Almanac...", 235 pags of texts (f. i. Markus Müller, Wolfgang Sachs, Tomas Schmit), interviews (Joèlle Leandre, Jeanne Lee, Evan Parker) and public discussions (Felix Droese, Heiner Goebbels / Misha Mengelbert, Butch Morris), illustrations and photographs (f.i. of Pina Bausch Dance Theatre members and musicians in action, art installations etc.) of the numerous activities, and Nicole Ader's book "Sehen Sehen (to see seing)", 130 pages with 100 photoportraits of the participating artists and four texts. Nicole Aders (Agfa Price 1997, Von der Heydt Award 1997) works carry the essence of Peter Kowald's project: human beings; sensitive and concentrated faces bear wittness to a lively year.

Peter Kowald: Almanach der »365 Tage am Ort«
Verlag der Buchhandlung Walter König, Köln
Köln 1998
ISBN 3-88375-307-6
DM 38,00
Nicole Aders: Sehen Sehen
Fotoband mit 100 Künstlerporträts
Verlag der Buchhandlung Walter König, Köln
Köln 1998
ISBN 3-88375-306-8
DM 28,00

Also available as an art-edition in a box (39 x 36 x 5 cm) with both books, a CD of the "Ort Ensemble Wuppertal" with Peter Kowald and guests Evan Parker, Le Quan Ninh and Carlos Zingaro and a 40 minutes long black and white video by David Klammer, unlimited edition, signed by Kowald and Aders (DM 178,00)
Also as a special edition with etchings of Irina Bratti, Felix Droese and Diemut Schilling, limited edition of 75, numbered and signed (DM 880,00),
to be ordered at Peter Kowald,
Luisenststraße 116
D-42103 Wuppertal
Fax +49 - 202 - 318632
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