Workshop: Improvisation and Ensemble


Peter Kowald will hold two workshops on "musical improvisation in ensembles" in August 1999 in Kerflézour in Brittany / Cote d'Amor.
All instruments and voices can take part. Advances instrumental techniques are not necessarily needed. The main topic of the workshops will be the experience of mutual improvising. Solistic improvisation can be included, if desired.

Information: Peter Kowald
The fee will be DM 500,00 / Person and workshop
Last date for registration: June 15, 1999
Not more than 12 participants
Fee for lodging will be DM 440,00 / single room and DM 320,00 / room with more beds.
Meals DM 580,00
Registration: Annelie Schettler
Oberbergische Str. 30
42285 Wuppertal
Tel: 0202 / 8 59 33
Fax: 0202 563 81 42