Jim Meneses, drums & percussion

Selected Chronology 1980 ...
1980 - 1985
In the US:
Performed and recorded with the Philadelphia hard core band The Stick Men. Toured as support for Gang of Four and Psychedelic Furs, among others. Recorded 2 LPs for an independent label in 1982/1983, recently re-released by Cuneiform Records.
Founder and curator of The Wet Spot, a performance loft in Philadelphia specializing in improvised music and sound poetry, from 1981 - 1983. Hosted performances by Derek Bailey, Phil Minton, David Moss, among others.
Performed in small clubs and theatres booking improvised music on the East Coast and in Los Angeles and San Francisco, in a variety of situations. Played with Davey Williams, Tom Cora, Zeena Parkins, Michael Lytle, George Cartwright, LaDonna Smith, and others.
Created music for dance and video pieces, including music for two films by Philadelphia filmmaker Peter Rose.
1985 -1990 Toured Europe with the David Moss Dense Band, including performances at the Moers Festival May / June 1985. Group included musicians Fred Frith, Arto Lindsay,Tenko, Christian Marclay, Jon Rose and Wayne Horwitz.
Performed at the Leipzig Festival, East Germany, with Alexander von Schlippenbach and Ernst-Ludwig Petrowsky, September 1985.
Joined the group KIXX with Lars Rudolph, Wigald Boning and Willi Hart; toured and recorded with KIXX in West- and East Germany 1985 - 1986, including the Leipzig Festival, September 1986; an East German tour with the Gruppe Fine plus KIXX, January 1987; KIXX with guests Zeena Parkins, Melvin Gibbs and Rick Iannacone, New Music America, October 1987; departure of Boning and Hart leads to new line up with Rudolph and Meneses plus Dietmar Diesner and David Gattiker: Swiss/East German tours in March 1988, European Tour including an appearance at the Mainz Festival, December 1988, Wels Festival, November 1989.
French tour with Zero Pop, featuring Mark Howell and Bruno Meillier, December 1986, recorded LP All the Big Mystics, Summer 1987.
Free Music Workshop, West Berlin, with Peter Brötzmann, Sonny Sharrock, Alfred 23 Harth, Louis Moholo, Lars Rudolph, Martin Theurer, Davey Williams and LaDonna Smith, March 1987.
Tour with Peter Brötzmann, Jay Oliver and Willem Breuker, in West Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands, May 1987
Tour with Hans Koch, David Moss, Martin Schütz; in Switzerland and West Germany, October 1988
Collaboration with Juozas Milasius and Petras Vysniauskas, Vilnius Festival, Lithuania, December 1989, October 1990
1985 - 1990
in the US:
Collaborations with Zeena Parkins and Tom Cora, Spring 1986; Recordings for LP Something Out There, released in 1987, on Recommended No Man's Land, Germany
Media Residency at Real Art Ways, Hartford, CT, August 1988
Residency with filmmaker Peter Rose and Performance Artist Steve Krieckhaus, Yellow Springs Institute, Pennsylvania, August 1988
Founded the program Welcome Worlds with assistance from the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts, which produced:
Two Audio Compilations of Music and Poetry in Philadelphia
A Concert Exchange Series between European and US Artists, featuring:
European Tour of New Ghost, an ensemble featuring Philadelphia guitarist Rick Iannacone, in Switzerland and West Germany, January 1989

Premier US performances of the Gruppe Fine from East Germany, featuring performance artist Fine Kwiatkowski,with Dietmar Diesner and Christoph Winckel, plus the Swiss musicians David Gattiker, Hans Koch, Martin Schütz and Mich Gerber; at the Painted Bride Art Center in Philadelphia and at the Knitting Factory and Roulette, New York, January - April 1990
1991 - 1995 Solo Percussion tours in (East) Germany, January / February 1991 and 1992
Concerts with Sludge 5-0, featuring Stephan Wittwer and Keith Macksoud, Switzerland, 1990 - 1992
Recorded Weisser Voodoo with KIXX, September/October 1991; occasional tours and performances 1991 - 1994, CD release delayed by various cirumstances, CD release at Podewil October 1995.

Collaboration with Pavel Fajt on percussion duo project Songs for the Drums; first concerts in Nickelsdorf and Brno, February 1992; Czech tour April 1992; European tour, October 1992; recorded Songs for the Drums in Prague, February 1993; Swiss tour (including Jazz Festival Grenoble), March 1993; Czech and Swiss/Austrian tour and CD release, September/October 1993; Czech tour, February 1994; Benelux tour, April 1994; Czech tour, September 1994; Austrian tour December 1994; Italian Tour (with Emily Hay) April 1995....

Duo Concerts with Sainkho Namchylak in St. Petersburg (RU), Plüschow (D), and Ljubljana, Spring 1993
Joined group Palinckx, featuring Jacques and Bert Palinckx, Joost Buis and Cor Fuhler, March 1993. Performed at festivals in Mulhouse, Den Bosch and Antwerpen, toured in Holland and Belgium, August - November 1993; recorded CD The Naked Girls from Tilburg, December 1993; European tour including festival performance in Gent April/May 1994; collaborative project with Tim Hodgkinson, Blast and the Percussion Group Den Haag, with performances in Tilburg, Den Haag, and Rotterdam, September 1994; performed at the Groningen Festival, Tilburg and Amsterdam with the project The Psychedelic Years, Autumn 1994; festival performances in Ansbach and Würzen, November 1994; Benelux Tour, March 1995; Taktlos Festival, Switzerland, April 1995.
Joined the group Blast, featuring Dirk Bruinsma, Frank Crijns and Edward Capel, December 1993. Recorded the CD Wire Stitched Ears in Tilburg, March/April 1994; CD release of Wire Stitched Ears, April 1995.

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