Jim Meneses, drums & percussion

In the Press:

Jim Meneses

Jim Meneses is the Incarnation of Percussion. You cannot play any better

Konrad Heidkamp. Tageszeitung. Berlin

Drummer Jim Meneses is remarkably fluid, shifting from Burundi Polyrhythms one moment to a mordant parody of hard-rock flailing the next

Ken Tucker. Philadelphia Inquirer

A dynamic, even charismatic performer, he has lightning hands and impeccable musical taste

Derek Davis. Philadelphia Welcomat

The Stick Men

This bold, explosive fivesome stirs up a steamy, psycho-disco cocktail of jungle jump, fiendish guitar scratch, hamfisted Farfisa organ choards, and jerky human pretzel dance steps... "This is the Master Brew" is a brutally refreshing slap in the face, a bruising brew ... drink up

David Fricke. Melody Maker

Chaos with Class

Ira Robbins. Trouser Press

Very impressed with The Stick Men - good to hear such good, forceful music coming from the USA

John Peel. BBC Radio One

The Wet Spot

The Wet Spot Magazine ... champions the individual whose nontraditional creative expression is otherwise unwelcome in the mainstream ... Meneses is among those with the spirit and determination about which he has written.

Lorena Alexander. Electricity, Philadelphia

Welcome Worlds - Music from Philadelphia

Four stars .. an impressive range of styles ... the strain of experimental music nurtured in Philadelphia partakes of rock and jazz as well as the New York avant-garde

Ken Tucker. Philadelphia Inquirer

A classy, well recorded compilation ... tilting heavily toward complex, highly intelligent Avant - Jazz - Rock, each cut seems better than the last ...

Dino DiMuro. Option Magazine

This exceptionally tight compilation deserves attention to its wide musical range and consistent quality

Charles S. Russel. Ear Magazine

To be continued ....

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