Sainkho's letter to the friends:

In January 2000, Sainkho wrote the following text, which is intended as as a letter to all who are in contact with her or send her letters and questions.

I am thinking very often about russian history
especially repression in time of 1953
I think everything what is happening now with Russia is the result (Vergeltung)
all country (means USSR) was only watching how people were disappearing
how own ideals were broken and
everybody believed it is necessary
everybody hoped to get to paradise of communism through terror and lies
and everybody was hoping that this secret power will go to the neighbours not to them
simply they did an agreement wiht evil for paradise in future
the whole nation, especially old people who did this silent agreement
are receiving the results of corruption now

I would whish that it will bever happen again
not in Russia not in Germany not in us simply nowhere

It is already ten years now that I am living and working in the western world
my last two projects are a kind of finalising works
everythig what I learned in the past ten years, is on two albums:
aura with Peter Kowald, Vladimir Tarasov, Vladimir Volkow
step mother-city with d.j., accoustic traditional instruments, overtones
and I would love to present them in spring this year

I am planning to publish both albums on my own www in may-june 2000
you will have the chance to listen and order the CDs on Internet

After ten years of only creating and touring around I feel I need to stay in a quiet place
and study indian music and the regions around the Himalya
there are roots of many nations and very deep old cultures

To be honest I have done my best in experimental music and I have prooved
that I was a good singer with strong roots and creativity
now is the right time to start to think about changes in me and around me
go further with my personal development
to find the peace in myself

Many people send me questions and letters
many people care for me I know it
please forgive me for being not able to answer to all of you
I can not work with computer because of it's noise
it's eating my time
I miss the intonation of spoken language
my new works are about that

here is the text from my new album aura

When the primal
scream entered
the sound world
of the universe it
was the first man-
made, artificial
addendum. Music
is the art of the
intonated sense;
the shout, the
groan, the cry and
the song were the
aural quintessence
of the spiritual
world of human
beings. The aura
that personifies
sound is transpar-
ent through timbre
and tone, envelops
and tightens the
other side of
sound, the space
of meanings
and feelings.
Children's games,
adult's games,
god's games...
You can be an idol
or a god among
the people, but
how to make sense
of the Divine
Just remember that this
knowledge or
awareness is Truth.
Consonance or
dissonance, free
music, pop music,
it's all searching
and hunting
for the Great
Listening to the
pauses or the
endings of music
is the initiation
into great
As fullness is born
into the empti-
ness of Universal
Truth, Absolute
Harmony is born
into Silence.
The three-dimen-
sional illusion we
call Life will never
be perfect
because it is
made to be
imperfect. It is
only a school for
feelings and the
fantasy, designed
to improve the
hidden chords
of thought.
Art exists in order
to develop the
capacity of human
beings to imag-
ine. A hidden
knowledge of life
exists to serve
your capacity
to develop.
Develop your
Please dream.
It's healthy.

Sainkho Namtchylak

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