Martynow, Iliada, Ensemble Opus PostH

LongArms, Festival of New Music, dedicated to the memory of Nikolai Dmitriev

LongArms Festival

Devotio Moderna was founded as an organisation to the development and support of New Music in Moscow.

Devotio Moderna is an independant non-profit-organisatio, founded by Vladimir Martynov, composer, Tatiana Gridenka, violinist player and head of the ensemble OPUS POSTH, and Nikolai Dmitriev, music-producer..

The Festival of New Music was scheduled for May 2004, and now it happened in the memory of Nikolai Dmitriev.

All conzerts were recorded and will be broadcasted in autumn 2004 by Radio Cultura Moscow.

4 evenings, from May 15 to May 19, compositions by Martynow, Batagov, Karmanov, Aigi, Zagny, Pelecis...

For me, the most impressive performances were "Iliade" by Martynov, the musical Wittgenstein-Project by the hungarian artist Tibor Semzo mit seinem musikalischen Wittgenstein-Projektand the music of the Ensemble 4:33 ein.