The longest ThankYou ever....

Invitation to the birthday party

Igor Gavrilov

February 8, 1999, the 50th birthday of Igor Gavrilov was celebrated in Jaroslavl. Many people gathered in the City Concert Hall, brought flowers, gave presents, hold speeches, honored him, played music for him.

At the end of this concert evening, Igor Gavrilov hold a very long speech: at least for 20 minutes he thanked all his friends and helpers, and I am sure, he forgot nobody. The longest ThankYou

Who is Igor Gavrilov?

Igor is one of Russia's jazz pioneers. More than 20 years ago, he started a festival, together with friends, which attracted thousands of fans from all over Russia: Jazz on the Volga.

This festival, as I was told, had it's very own athmosphere, friendly, funny and intense. All russian jazzers came and took part.

Igor Gavrilov's visitcart 1992I met Igor Gavrilov at the Jazzfest Arkhangelsk in 1992. He invited us to Jaroslavl and gave me his visitcard. It took me 7 years to come, but I came to a good occasion!
The small bear is still the logo of the JazzSociety Jaroslavl.

Today, Igor is the head of an agency for visual art, he is president of the Jazzsociety and he is founder of the JazzCenter Jaroslavl, a house to study, play and perform ... He presented us the construction site proudly, this year it should be ready. Many people promised to support this project at his birthday concert, private friends and o

Vladimir Resitzki + Heinz-Erich Gödecke It seemed if there were no end to all the gratulations, the flowers, the presents and the music. Old friends played for him, musicians from Jaroslavl and from abroad, like Vladimir Resitzki from Arkhangelsk and Heinz-Erich Gödecke.

After the event there was another surprise:
A Russian Table and the athmosphere got even more happy and joyful.

Hurra, Igor Gavrilov!

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