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It's still April what means that the weather is unfriendly, and I am still not back in office. I did not recover from the embolism and the inflammated thyroid gland, I am suffering from. But I use my spare time and the energy, which is coming back to me slowly, to learn and study. So I continued pondering around in the fields of CGI (Common Gateway Interface) and try to check a lot of interesting things.
That's how I wrote a programm to check the variables your browser sends and what is more important, I finished the installation of the Postcard-Script.
Now you can send Web-Cards from Beijing, St. Petersburg / Puschkin and New York!
There are some postcard-racks in the WWW, but do they all add melodies to the postcard? I was lucky to meet
Susan Braiden on the net, her script was exactly what I needed! I just had to modify the script and to search my albums for adaequate pictures and to find the right melodies. I hope you like it!

From now an I will publish the monthly Jazzcalender, assembled by the Jazzoffice Hamburg!

Frederike Frei, a wellknown german writer from Hamburg, married. Her poems accompanied me through long, sad times and her witty, bitter humour helped me to overcome my first marriage. I wrote down one of her poems in my diary then; after the divorce, I wrote this poem on the white walls along my 11m long corridor, not knowing that 15 years later, I will recitate the same poem at her wedding! (The poem is in german language and tells you that your husband is like your passport, you should take him with you all the time, otherwise we don't know who you are...)
I met Frederike personally when I moved to Hamburg as she is performing together with Heinz-Erich Gödecke, my husband.

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