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concerts and festivals 2000

in the yards of St. PetersburgDear friends of Avantart!

Coming back from holidays was not easy for me: I spent one month in Tsarskoe Selo near St. Petersburg and many things happened in this time. I will try to give a documentation of all the new subjects here at Avantart.

I shot many films in these weeks and I collected a lot of maerial for upcoming projects, photo - text - installations like the one which I presented at the Interstudio - birthday - festival. I am invited for two more installations next year: in St. Petersburg and in Moscow. I am glad that my work was so much appreciated by the people and that the critics accepted it. That's encouraging.

Now let me introduce you some of the new subjects at Avantart and I promise that I will work on the realisation of all the articles and pages...

10 years InterstudioThe theatre-academy Theater-Akademie Interstudio in Puschkin, St. Petersburg, exists for 10 years now. This year the last generation of students finished their education. So the final examinations (theatre performances) and a small festival took place, (as well as my birthday).

We celebrated for 2 days. There were theatre- and puppet-theatre-performances, concerts, exhibitions and performances. I will present all this here at Avantart for sure in the next time.

The bed of Turandot For those of you, who understand the russian language, here some links:

an article of the russian magazine ITOGI, on the jubilee and an article at the renowned russian art server GIF on the exhibition Tsarskoe Selo's topography

This year the last group of students finished their education at the theatre-academyInterstudio. The academy will not continue to educate students fulltime, from January 2001, the academy will offer post-graduate studies and seminars.
Everything is not fixed yet. I made an interview with Yuri Soboloev, the art director of the academy and I asked him for a resumé of his work. This interview will be published soon here at Avantart.

Second Glance at Ulitsa Revolucija I presented my photo-installation Second Glance in the palace of the theatre-academy and at three places outside, at the streets of Pushkin.

This installation combines photos and citation from russian literature.

This image at the right shows a water tube and the photo of this tube together with a poem by Dmitri Prigow.

This installation will be presented here at Avantart soon.

Siberskij - St. Petersburg

We made some trips by train around St. Petersburg and I shot many photos. Enough material for new projects...

Let's go to Orodesh!

Martynov: Hymns

The Moscow Label LongArms publishes 6 new CDs, which I gladly present to you here.

  1. Alexander Bakshi - Hamlet is dying
  2. Ve Troph - Onia Strappadology
  3. Vladimir Martynov - Hymni
  4. Bakshi: Hamlet is dying
  5. Membranoids - Gimptotheka (Disk #1) + John Silencer Infra-Jazz Quartett (Disk #2)
  6. Anton Batagov - Best before 02:2000
  7. Sergei Zagny - Sonata

A wide spectrum of spiritual music to minimalistic music to heavy noise - soon here at Avantart.

The armenian church St. Catherineinside of the church You will find one of the two armenian churches of St. Petersburg in a yard near the Newski Prospect:

St. Catherine.

In time with the great jubilee of the armenian church next year in 2001, the reconstruction and renovation of the church was finished. I will show you more photos of this wonderful place soon. This church is glorious in its baroque splendour, unlike the pure armenian churches, but it is a wonderful place of silence and prayer.

the day of the Special Troups

August 3, the garnison of St. Petersburg celebrated the 70th anniversary of the Special Troups of the russian army with a big and loud parade.

I felt the athmosphere of Hurra-Patriotism and Pride, in a time where the russian every day life is getting more and more militaristic.

my report

The house in RoshdestwenoIn Roshdestweno near Siberski, some kilometers south of St. Petersburg, a summerhouse, formerly owned by the family of the famous writer Vladimir Nabokovs, who spent many summers of his childhood here, is in reconstruction, because it burned down in 1995.

I wanted to see his house, which also served as a Nabokov-Museum, which is mentioned very often in the writer's biography Memory, speak and this year, I had the occasion to go there.

I was surprised as it is obvious that reconstruction is going further.

I publish some photos of the house and the place of Roshdestweno in order to give you an impression. Have a look at the preview-page!

russian summer paradise

Nearly every russian dreams of a Datscha and more and more datschas are offered in the real estate magazines. Why not play a game of Datscha-Memory?

If your browser-resolution is less than 1024 x 768 ist, open this version!

Urna Chahartugchi, the mongolian singer, which I introduce at Avantart as well, established her own domain:

Have a look!

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