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Av@ntart got a new award in July:
HotSite of the Week! I am very proud about this and I ask you (if you can read German) to surf to Surfboard , as this interesting project gives you a great insight in german Websites. I was nearly ashamed to get such strong praise.
The Cloud Gate Dance Theatre The Cloud Gate Dance Theatre from Taipeh, with Choreographer Lin Hwai-min performed at the Sommertheater-Festival in Hamburg. I am so impressed that I must introduce you to them.
documenta X I've been in Kassel to visit the documenta X and I was not very lucky there. documenta niX Inspired by this event, I started the Av@ntart-Awart as a more satirical projectdocumenta X
The first Guided Tour is ready: Jump on Javascript and follow me to the technical Tour of Av@ntart!
I hope to finish the long-promissed portrait of Jim Menesses, a drummer and a good friend of mine, this month. Furthermore, I will introduce some new CD's, which are released by LongArms, Moscow .

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