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Interstudio: Voizek Interstudio comes to Bremen

Wounded Seals at the North Sea Shore

Advent and German Tradition

Winter in Galizia / Ukraine

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Dear Friends of Avantart!

Interstudio: Voicek Interstudio comes to Bremen!

The Junge Theater Bremen presents a synopsis of actual Woyzek-Inszenations and they invited Interstudio

December 8 and December 9, 2000, 8.30 pm at Alter Güterbahnhof (near Central Station, behind Überseemuseum + Cinemaxx)

More information at

Seals at Dune IslandI spent some quiet days at the island of Helgoland in the North Sea, to catch fresh air. Long walks helped me to re-arrange the mind...

I really enjoy the walks at the beach of the Dune Island and I am always curious to watch the seals. This year I was very amazed and troubled, because many of the animals are wounded. I never saw this before.

Ok, reports on animals are not the main subject of Avantart, but the relation to nature is part of our culture and I cannot ignore that. That's why I put together a documentation. Just click on the photos and you will see enlargements of the wounds

Time is running fast and before Christmas we germans have the habit of the Advent Calendars. There is a choice of three calendars at Avantart::Plus

This Plus-Minus-Calendar demands patience and a slow mouse... but it will open a Plus- and a Minus-window every day...

We are invited to spend the time 'between the years' in Lemberg / Lvov / Lviv, the capital of Western Ukraina, a city which belongs to the oldest cultural places in Europe. Heinz-Erich Gödecke will perform together with Yuri Yaremtschuk and I am ready for long walks on the traces of writers as Josef Roths, Sholem Aleichem, Paul Celan, Bruno Schulz, to name a few ......

Alexei Aigui

Alexei Aigui, not unknown at Avantart publishes his website in english language now as well



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