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working 9 : 5 February was no good month for me. After coming back from New York in January I got ill, a heavy asthma-attack, caused by a water-incident in my office where the walls came down and the dust attacked me. This was followed by an embolism. So now I am away from work for some weeks already, I live on the couch and try to recover as best as possible.

Because TV is really annoying me (all this blue water poured on napkins, talk-shows with horrible, mediocre people...) I decided to revover as soon als possible.

<- i would like to work from 9 to 5 again, maybe from 7 to 7?

Very slowly I wake up and I use the time to study new web-design-layout-techniques.

CGI, Perl ... this are the magic words which fascinate me in the moment. That's why I opened a guestbook. Interactivity is a must nowadays....
I ask all my visitors for their comments. Please don't comment just the layout and the technique but also the content of my pages! In the next days I will open a discussion-board here as well.


As I host more and more information on my pages, I installed a search-machine for those who don't like to scroll through the alphabetical index. This fast machine reads through all the pages in the host and outputs a list of all pages which host the keyword.

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