New in January 1998

Sainkho Namtchylak, singer from Tuva Jim Meneses, drummer
Long Arms Records, Moscow
A christmas story

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year 1998!

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Jim Meneses

Sometimes, things need their time and so it took me a whole year to present my friend Jim Meneses at Avantart. I met Jim some 13 years ago, when he toured in Germany with the legendary band KIXX and passed by my hometown Wiesbaden. KIXX still exist today, but Jim has more projects.

Jim Meneses Jim lives in Amsterdam now, after Berlin and Hamburg. Last year, I met him in New Jersey and I promised him to add his pages to Avantart. Now it's finished.

Read about Jim Meneses, the drummer from Philadelphia! And listen to his music!

Long Arms Records

Long Arms Records from Moscow: that's the label of our friend Nikolai Dmitriev. I don't think that I must introduce him here, as you can find him everywhere on Avantart. He made most of our tours to Russia possible and he opened a new world for us.

Long Arms Records was founded 1996 by Sergey Kuryokhin, Nick Dmitriev and Dmitry Rezvan.
There are 7 CDs out now, more wait to be released. Listen to these CDs here at Avantart and meet the artists!

I announced this sometimes already, but there will be an orderform here soon. Some bureaucratical things must be worked out, but it will come.....

I planned it for a long time already, but now I could realize it: I can now introduce my friend, the singer Sainkho Namtchylak from Tuva in the South of Siberia at Av@ntart..

Her music is a part of my life and those of you, who read my pages thoroughly, have met her at Av@ntart many times, I am sure.

She had invited us to Tuva in 1993 and by this I learned about siberian music, overtone-singing and the tuvan culture. We toured many times in Russia, we have been together at the Jazzfest 96 in Arkhangelsk, in Vilnius, in Moskau and she participated at the Kukart-3-Festival, summer 97. We had a good understanding all the time and I admire her toughness, her ability to continue with her music even under hard circumstances and to define herself as a musical mediator between the different cultures of the world.

Sainkho Namtchylak
Sainkho Namtchylak

We travelled by train many days, we spent many time backstage at festivals, she was my guest very often. I learned a lot from her and I hope she likes my pages.


Let me tell you a christmas story, after all these holidays. I don't know how you feel, but I am very sentimental and sad these times. I am missing the mystery and the joy which I remember so much from my childhood.
There are reasons for this: everything is commercialized nowadays and christmas season starts in late august already... Another reason: I am not a child anymore.

This year I was really sad, as my father died 2 weeks before Christmas. When parents die, you must be grown up, you are no child anymore.....

Weihnachtsgrün Well, I waited for a christmas tree. I whished it so eagerly and I hoped that my husband will bring one, that I had not to tell him to do so. But it wasn't like this. I got more and more depressed and exagerated my disappointment.

There was no christmas tree this christmas evening. I had to accept it, but I was sad. But: when I came to the living room the morning after christmas evening, there was a beautiful fir tree! I decorated it and was happy that whishes come true, with a little delay sometimes.

Heinz told me that he had found the fir tree at the street at night!

That's the christmas spirit: whishes can come true, but you need to wait sometimes.

And so I whish you a very happy New Year!

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