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Anna Mayillian a portrait of the armenian singer Anna Mayillian

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Dear Friends of Avantart!

auf gehts... I am going to Russia soon, one month in Tsarskoe Selo / St. Petersburg, but my news-page lists mostly armenian subjects ... well, both countries are very dear to me and in the last weeks I was busy with russian subjects as well, as I prepared my first photo-installation confrontative interpretation, which I will present in Tsarskoe Selo July 18. But more on this when it happened...
but I am very happy now:

one month in Russia, one week intensive language training with a private teacher, the 10years anniversary of the Theatre Academy Interstudio, trips to Valaam and Kishi...

have a good summer!

Anna Mayillian1999 we met the wonderful singer Anna Mayillian in Yerevan and a strong, fruitful friendship started. She sang with Heinz-Erich Gödecke at a workshop-concert in the House of Composers and in the rock cathedral in Geghart and projects were planned. Now shw came to France and Germany for some time and she came to us in Hamburg, too. Again rehearsals and experiments, there will be german-armenian project with concerts in Armenia next year. But this is for the future ...

More important: Anna Mayillian has a wonderful voice, soprano, and she cares for a very special music:

armenian sharakan

Sharakan is church music with roots in the 5th century a.c. I can't describe this music. I just can say, that this music comes from heaven and Anna Mayillian brings the heaven closer to us.

I opened a new web page, which I dedicate to Anna Mayillian and there you will find some soundfiles. You should listen!

Finally the new CD with the 7th and the 8th symphony of Avet Terterian is out, published by MEGADISC.

More information on it at the news page at but one short comment: it's wonderful!

Hans Schuettler opened his own domain now. That's why not so many words here. Have a look at

He is no nobody here at Avantart, a friend and musical companion for many years now, and thas why I published some soundfiles with his very interesting and unusual music here at Avantart.
These sounds are in MP3. I will add more MP3-files here when the artists whish that and give me permission for it.

You know that I introduce to russian CD-labels here at Avantart:

LongArms and SoLyd Records.
But it was always very difficult to order these CDs online and to get them delivered. But this will change soon: a russian CD-online shop will open in July and this shop will list both labels: The first version will be only russian version, but they promised to add an english version soon.

So read Andrej Gavrilov's letter where he excuses that he could not deliver the ordered CDs all the time and how this is going to change!!

And one short announcement: LongArms published 6 new CDs which will be out soon and for sure, I will present them here.

Armenischer Weltkongress

The Armenian World Conference will take place in Halle, Germany, in october and there will be a fascinating exhibition: Der Gerettete Schatz der Armenier

A short introduction here at Avantart in german language.

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