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soviet anti-alcohol-poster AgitProp: Stop alcohol abuse!

Dom in June

a sunday on the couch

Sainkho's new CD stepmother city

MIMI Festival in July

INTERSTUDIO Festival in July

russian poetry at Avantart

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soviet anti-alcohol-poster

Dear Friends of Avantart!

8 years ago, I found a collection of slides in a Smolensk bookshop: slides with posters from the anti-alcohol-campaign in the late 80ies at Gorbatchew's time. Now I own a slide-scanner and by that I can digitize the slides. They are really something special, so let me present you a choice of that slides as a automatic slide-show. You will need Javascript for it.

This presentation does not mean that I move to the 100%-anti-alcohol-people, as I really enjoy a small glas of Baras Palinka or a bottle of Riesling :-)

Normally I prefer contrastive interpretation, but sometimes life is so close to poetry that I must join what belongs together...

So have a look: a sunday on the couch

DOM im Juni 2000 There will be really interesting concerts at DOM in Moscow, before sommer break will happen. This month, world music from the best! Even Djivan Gasparyan will come! Study the program schedule and book your flight to Moscow!

Sainkho released a new CD:

stepmother city

More info

MIMI 2000 July, 25th, to July 30, 2000:

The MIMI 2000-program is out. It's really interesting again! 15 years of MIMI! That's quite a time!

Interstudio Theater Akademie
Interstudio, the Theatre-Academy in Pushkin, St. Petersburg, celebrates the 10th year: it was founded in 1990.

That's why the KUKART-Festival moved to July this year. Russian and international ensembles are invited to participate and as usual, the money is very small, nearly nonexistent....

I will publish the program here as soon as it is fixed.

Russian PoetryI am starting to add Russian Poetry to Avantart.

But unfortunately not in english language until now.

Avantart's URL: