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Summer is here at least!

the Kukart-Festival
of Academie Interstudio
in Puschkin

submarine trash new Info-Page
Kulturzentrum Salzau

Summer is here at least and you can enjoy the marvellous yellow rape-fields in Schleswig-Holstein in the north of Germany.

Follow me and take a walk at the cultural centre Salzau!

The renowned jazzfestival Festival Jazz-Baltica takes place in Salzau every June. It's really worth a visit!

Time for Kukart III!
The festival will take place in Puschkin / St. Petersburg June 22 - 29. This festival, which is arranged by the Theatre-Academy Interstudio, will be documentated here. As soon as I get the program, I will publish it and I will write a festival-diary, which you can read online. So come back at festival-time!

Christian Herrmann, an artist from Cologne, with very close connections to Interstudio, published his festival project already. Here you will find submarine trash, a virtual Multi-Media-Spectacle. Christian Herrmann uses nearly all features the medium offers in a funny and great manner.

I cleaned up my pages and bundled all the different 'services" which you can find spread around Av@ntart.

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