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March brings
good and bad news,, a color-related redesign of my pages, a new department TechTalk and a portrait of Hans Anton Rose in the new department Visual Arts. The Dance Department changed its name into Dance/Performance. Joop van Brakels portrait isn't ready yet, sorry.

The bad news come from Moscow. In february, Sainkho Namtchylak, the overtone-singer from Tuva, was hurt very bad by a violent attack. She left the hospital after nearly 2 weeks there, just one week before her 40th birthday.

All the best for you, Sainkho!




The good news::
I was elected Weblady of the Month, February 1997, on Ann-Bettina Schmitz' server ABS Web-Publishing. Many thanks for this honor!

My sites are getting to the top, and they contradict Andy Warhol, who said that nowadays everybody can be famous for five minutes.

Best of Internet The first version of my pages, at that times at the Compuserve - Server, got the award Homepage of the Day in July 1966 at TOP.DE , and now I am already WebLady of the Month.

I feel encouraged. Thanks!

Hans Anton Rose: Orbetter
Hans Anton Rose: Orbetter

Hans Anton Rose

is living in Austria now. When I came first to Hamburg in 1987, he gave me shelter - I slept on the stage in his big workshop, a former factory workshop in the center of Hamburg. When events like performances or concerts took place, I had to roll up my futon and to give place to the artists.
Hans Anton Rose taught me a lot about art. For me it was the first time in my life to live between art and to live with art. Even when I didn't understand so much at that time. Now we met again after many years because he had a short job to do in Hamburg and now I can give him something in return. He sold me a painting and I am very happy about this.
May I introduce him here?

TechTalk is my playground: here I experiment with new techniques or collect web-related informations: you can find How-to's: how to russify your pages, how to use chinese letters or how to configure guestbooks or discussionboards (some of these pages are in german language only).

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