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Sergey Cheskin
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10 years ago:
Friendly British Invasion...

Serguey Cheskin, a gifted illustrator

Skulptur 2000 in Berlin

MIMI 2000

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Amur Tiger

Dear Friends of Avantart!

10 years ago, in April 1990, the first Tim Hodgkinson and Ken Hyder in Moscowtrans-russian-siberia-far east-tour happened: Tim Hodgkinson and Ken Hyder travelled through the big country, from Moscow to Khabarovsk in the Far East.

It is no exaggeration to call this tour historical.

They opened many doors and ears.

So let us celebrate:

Friendly British Invasion: In Search of the Soviet Shaman!

RealAudioListen to soundfiles of that legendary tour!

The commemoration of this tour was suggested by Boris Podkosov, restless man from Khabarovsk and organiser of that tour.

click for bigger imageSerguey Cheshkin took part at that tour. That's not the only reason why he should be introduced here, he is a gifted illustrator with his very own style. I am proud to introduce some of his works here at Avantart, as this may give you a glimpse of the many talents which are worth our attentiveness.

Boris Podkosov's introduction of Serguey Cheskin at Avantart.

Walter de Maria: Skulptur 2000Until August 27, 2000 The 2000 Sculpture by Walter de Maria will be presented in Berlin.

I got there a second time and I was could take some photos. So follow me on a walk around the installation and find out about the strong impression this piece of art gives to us. Every view catches it in a different angle and finds another perspective...

And The 2000 Sculpture is a piece of art. Please read, what Angela Schneider wrote in the catalouge, in german language: Walter de Marias Musik. Walter de Maria creates music as well ...

MIMI 2000

The Festival MIMI 2000 will take place in Arles, France, from July 25 to July 30. The program is out now (in french language), and their website will be up around end of june.

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