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northrussian pattern
Northrussian pattern

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Arkhangelsk JazzFest  Trudy Morse  With Chinese Eyes - photo exhibition in New York

The most important event in October 97 was the JazzFest Arkhangelsk, which happened for the last time. I enjoyed the tour to the North of Russia and brought back a lot of interesting impressions.

So, follow me to the Land of the Pomors°!

Moscow 850 years
Wooden Architecture
1.850 Years Moscow!
A walk through the new capital of Russia
Wooden Mill
Ruble note
2. The JazzFest Arkhangelsk
A personal Festival Report
3.Nostalgia for the Wooden Architecture
Sightseeing in Arkhangelsk
4.Rural Wooden Architecture
The Open-Air Museum Malye Karelie
5.Our flight to the Solovki Islands
Enchanted Islands in the White Sea
6.Take the Night-Train!
A very special trip

  ° Pomors: Ethnic name for the people, who live at the White Sea in Northern Russia
Let me introduce you one of my girl friends: Trudy Morse. Trudy is one of the most remarkable persons I know and her vitality should encourage us: she is 81 years old and she is still traveling around the world: she accompanied jazz musicians like Cecil Taylor or Sun Ra for many years, she visits festivals or travels to Tibet. I know Trudy for 10 years now and maybe, someday we will go on tour together.

You can read her poetry on her homepage or you can read through her schedule (if the schedule is actualized, that's a problem: she has no time to update it.....

Let's try to keep up with her!  

with chinese eyes If you happen to be in New York, why not visit the SOHO PHOTO GALLERY at 15 White Street, between 6th Ave. and West Broadway, 3 blocks south of Canal Street? There will be Opening Reception, tuesday, November 4th, 6:00 to 8.00 pm, because of the photo-exhibition:

IN SIGHT - With Chinese Eyes.

My friend, Xing Danwen from Beijing presents her new works. She published already in many western magazines and she has her own studio in Beijing. There will be a photo-gallery with her works at Avantart soon.

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